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Release date: 2015-12-17
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System description:
Everest series central trinity machine is my company after years of research, in the company's own household central air conditioning and a wall-mounted gas boiler, on the basis of mature technology, developed a set of the most suitable for home house, and for a variety of building a new type of air conditioning products.Won two national invention patent, a utility model patent, a patent appearance.It is a "cooling, heating and living hot water" three functions in one, the original control system, two different areas (air conditioner and boiler) products perfectly together, to solve the three necessities of users.At the same time, because of the addition of the boiler system, solved the traditional air conditioning in winter heating effect is not ideal, especially in the northern region, the central trinity machine specially set up 3 ℃ automatic switching function, namely 3 ℃ below automatically closed heat pump system (at a temperature below that at which the heat pump system can effect comparing is very low), automatic switch for boiler main heating mode, save the energy consumption.A new generation of trinity machine heat recovery unit, further introduced the integrated solar units and consolidation superficial can units, not the heat emissions into the atmosphere, is the pioneer of the world's most energy-efficient unit.Electricity, gas, light three energy comprehensive utilization, ACA fully functional chip control, the world's leading technology, filled the gap on the world.In shape, Everest series products adopt fission and integral two plans, on the small model adopts the split type, the unit can plugins, solved the multi-storey high-rise apartments user installation problems.The integral on large models, beautiful appearance generous, high-grade residential is particularly suitable for villas, etc.

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