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Eternal mountain mei-feng wang

Date: 2015-12-16
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In the increasingly fierce competition in the market today, the competition between enterprises is appeared on the surface of products and services, the deep layer is management level of competition, a deep layer see again is a culture of competition.Enterprises to maintain stable and sustainable development, must be developed with characteristic of their corporate culture.



Hangzhou big yuan artificial environment equipment co., LTD

Founded in 2003, hangzhou big yuan artificial environment equipment co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as: large company), at the beginning of the foundation, will have risen up to this point, and find our own "circle", belongs to own the core of enterprise culture: "the mountain road, with a pious heart to do things".The mountain, is a story from the snowy plateau, chairman of the board of directors of the company is also a big yuan Yuan Minghua on the mountain, a special kind of complex.Is located in the roof of the world's Tibet ali plateau mountain, mountain, rinpoche's the center of the world, is the world's religious believers mind beside it and manasseh huiyong, harmonious and perfect combination of fault, known as the world's first "mountain sacred lake".To Lhasa Yuan Minghua chairman Tibet in 1988, where they met the famous writer, the Netherlands, and became friends with him.There read his gang's attraction, in shape, also in the in the mind more than a myth.After many years, in it to make its own mountain, the lure of the "mountain" is naturally became the slogan of the mountain, but also become a big brand products.

Both enterprise culture construction and market construction, or the brand construction, the quality is always the most intuitive reflect one of the most important aspects.See appearance is a temporary, quality can decide how far way.Company since its inception, the yuan is to "improve the living environment, lead the living quality" as our mission, to "people foremost, quality first" for the purpose, with high quality, high efficiency, high security services, efforts to develop relationship with customers, make contributions to enhance the quality of human settlement.In order to improve the quality of products, and the mountain's strategic vision is used to build the r&d team: the core of the company now has a full-time research and development personnel 6 people, the enterprise itself to participate in research and development team a total of 12 people, combined with the relevant professional consultants and foreign aid strength of colleges and universities employed a total of 18 people.The team, covering the control, gas experts, nc, cold punching die experts, "expert of refrigeration, hvac, electrical and mechanical integration experts, machinery manufacturing experts such as all kinds of talents, can guarantee the mountain, the technical level of the products is the industry leader.




The mountain, the technical team

Precise perfect hardware support is the mountain, products of high quality guarantee.To strengthen quality control, product big dollars to spend millions of three components built with automatic gas continuous distribution system, gas component analysis equipment, the whole machine performance fully automatic intelligent detection system, automatic performance test system, parts integrated test system such as high precision, long life test system experimental laboratory equipment and testing equipment, increase the intensity of the testing of all components of the supply, added with all outsourcing parts corresponding detection equipment, and comprehensive import ERP management system, any link error, research and development center all do have the right to order to suspend production.Similarly, every link of assembly line work is directly responsible and supervision responsibility, and everyone has to sign to recognize, once the product problems in the terminal, can check it against each workstation.Company currently has five advanced automated production lines, daily output of 300 units.



Production line




                                          The mountain's laboratory



Quality assurance is the basic principle of business survival, and to the development of an enterprise must want to every moment of the technical independent innovation.Mountain, as a national brand, in self research and development on the basis of absorbing the international advanced high-tech, put an end to simple imitation, believes that imitate never way, always committed to refrigeration, heating, hot water for the public people to solve the three major life needed to select the best scheme, provide the best products, by the Vatican rinpoche qi series, harmony fault series, a series of tangula Everest series and so on four big series products are the independent brand.Company "forced to declare to exhaust type wall-mounted gas boiler" project, by ministry of science and technology on national torch plan projects, in such aspects as independent innovation, energy conservation and emissions reduction in the national leading level.Company produces the solution of the changes in temperature bath three functions of the trinity in the middle of the machine has been further energetic energy, electricity, light, air, superficial and can more comprehensive utilization of energy development, become the pioneer of green innovation product energy saving and emission reduction.

If the brand is itself, the enterprise culture is people's image.And the product quality is the health of the people after service is care doctor.Big yuan place service in the front, they believe that the high quality post-sale service is a big brand protection in the backyard.In order to make "people foremost, quality first" corporate purposes, in order to make after-sales service for brand grace, company developed a set of advanced brand service, high-end, the practical ideas and ways to implement.In every "mountain" of national sales meeting, the company always promise: all of the "mountain" products, sold in two years, can the unconditional return, terminal complaints telephone, 24 hours all the user and the product include all ERP database file management, send someone the first time for the user to repair failure, etc.All projects are straight in after-sales service points, flange of gas heating and hot water management, property management in the event of after-sales service report, zero distance, ensure the repair.Enterprises successively in Beijing, xian, wuhan, tianjin, xinjiang, Inner Mongolia, anhui, shandong, xining, zhengzhou and other cities set up a branch, paved the sales and service network throughout the country.Around the strong service team and practical soft hard files management and all users to build a canal, let all users experience as he's an honor and joy of users.

Through independent research and development and for the single-minded pursuit of innovation, with high quality products and perfect after-sales service, "with a pious heart to do things," got the perfect embodiment of enterprise culture and enterprise culture in order to sublimate, hangzhou big yuan also created 'song "song of the mountain,", published a brand book "the eternal mountain.




Through nearly 10 years of operating, hangzhou big yuan artificial environment equipment co., LTD., has made remarkable achievements: its full of rich Tibetan culture, the national brand, the mountain in cb series products in zhejiang province in 2003 was named the construction of key projects designated famous quality products;In 2005 was named the national customer satisfaction units;In zhejiang province in 2006 was rated as high-tech enterprises, CHC national high-tech listed in the national quality trustworthy product of the state administration of quality supervision, promote the work focused on unit;High quality brand products in China, in 2007 and won four national patents, in the industry take the lead in twice by ministry of science and technology in national torch plan;In the first half of 2008 to move in a new production base, annual production capacity of 200000 units.Included in the national key support at the beginning of 2009 high-tech enterprises, with leading global technology level of condensing furnace, thermal efficiency is 108%, the nine national patent;On October 29, 2012, hangzhou big yuan artificial environment equipment co., LTD. ", cb's third stage production base "ground was built, after the completion of the project, the capacity will be on the basis of the original 200000 units, to set aside 200000 units.This marks the prelude to the mountain, cb is one step a footprint to a strong brands.




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