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News, calmly hand control

Wall-mounted gas furnace using method of the gas 2013-11-20

Date: 2015-12-16
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With the rapid development of the hanging furnace industry, more and more consumers choose the cb as a main heating in winter.Hanging furnace burning the main energy of the gas, gas consumption is a lot of owner are concerned topic, in daily use process should be how to reduce the consumption of fuel gas for cb?


How to reduce the consumption of fuel gas for hanging furnace, and the choice of high combustion value in cb


Hanging furnace combustion value determines the efficiency of cb and the gas consumption, usually the higher combustion value, the higher the efficiency, use rise more energy-saving, more energy, conversely that consumers must pay attention to when choosing wall hanging furnace.


How to reduce the two wall hanging furnace gas consumption, install the temperature control device


First of all, the built-in wall hanging furnace temperature control system can control and regulate the temperature of a boiler, but it is only part of the wall hanging furnace temperature control, can't for testing and control indoor temperature.So feel the room temperature, to adjust the indoor temperature is only by experience, it is difficult to precise control, this may be caused by the waste gas, if the installation of the thermostat is different, can accurate preset indoor, cb to adjust operation best, cb to reduce the consumption of fuel gas.


Cb how to reduce the energy consumption of the three, maintenance, and maintenance


Timing point of wall hanging furnace maintenance and maintenance, guarantee of wall-mounted gas furnace thermal efficiency is high.Such as scale cleaning, internal parts and cleaning and so on can improve the work efficiency of the boiler can also save gas consumption.


How to reduce the four hanging furnace gas consumption, do a good job in building insulation


Building indoor heat preservation is good or bad directly affects the wall hanging furnace gas consumption.General insulation of the building, the better the more save gas, the gas consumption, conversely, of course, this is the house's floor also has a certain relationship, through a large number of investigation and visit a reporter discovery, generally in heat preservation, the strongest middle floors house hanging furnace with the lowest energy consumption, and the top and bottom gas consumption is relatively higher.


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