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Choose wall hanging furnace, energy saving, service brand focusing on 2013-10-15

Date: 2015-12-16
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Cb is one of the major part of the heating system, through it can for heating the circulating water in the heating pipe.With the development of social economy and technology, the cb product on the market is various, various, it gives consumers a choice, fully at the same time, it will be the problem of how to choose before the consumer.We summarized the choice of cb is points should be paid attention to, the hope can give netizens when buy provides the beneficial reference.

1, select brands: most people view, picked good brand is safe, chose to save gas, choose save worry, chose the service.When manufacturers sell your product, for advantage is eloquent, is every commitment to after-sales service, and truly will be effected according to the commitment is few;In addition must choose to have cb product policy, responsible for accident after manufacturers.

Advice: when choosing wall hanging furnace heating, the brand is a very important factor, but basically as long as it is a well-known brand, the quality of the products are all pass.The choose and buy of cb to be cautious.

2, choose power: the same brand has all power is optional.Choose the big power, a waste of money, a waste of energy.Choose the power of small, money and energy waste is small, but can not meet the use requirement.

Suggestion: due to the cb to use throughout the winter, which requires everyone especially pay attention to when buying in cb hanging furnace energy-saving sex.Heating is important because it is over, there is no cost is too high, and efforts in the direction of energy conservation and environmental protection is always products equipment, energy saving effect is best, of course, is condensing hanging furnace, has been popular in China.Choose a cb energy-saving effect is good, not only can reduce the cost of consumption, also can improve the quality of life.

So people when the choice must pay attention to, should according to the housing area size, whether you need heating water and gas at the same time, to choose appropriate wall hanging furnace.Per square metre commonly need the heating power of about 100 w - 150 w, and according to the house type, structure, construction materials vary.

3, choose service: now some famous brand in the life of a cb is 15 years or so, remove two year warranty and at least 13 years of maintenance.In 13 years long days, if you don't have good service for you to protect, it is really a hard time.This choice can't listen to vendors, but must go to check, have a look at the company size, 2 see warehouse accessories, three maintenance site, four users reflect.As long as grasp select three requirements above, we will be able to choose the preferred products.


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