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The mountain wall hanging furnace heating industry experts in 2013-8-27

Date: 2015-12-16
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As heating industry enjoys high reputation in China's well-known brands, the mountain wall hanging furnace, has been dedicated to the broad masses of users to provide from home to the full range wall hanging furnace of commercial and central trinity machine products.For many years, he's in cb with "people first, quality first" for the purpose of the enterprise idea, adhere to the mountain, high quality, efficient, low carbon, energy saving wall hanging furnace product to market.

PinWu be absorbed in the field of cb

Cb products in China after more than 10 years development, the market structure is mainly composed of domestic, joint ventures and foreign products, sales of many brands.Artificial environment equipment co., LTD., chairman of hangzhou big yuan Yuan Minghua tells a reporter, the mountain, the trinity, machine is the knock-out product of hangzhou big yuan a host address refrigeration in summer, winter heating, heating water three life demand all the year round.The central of the trinity machine adopts three function integration of mechanical structure and the controller design, from the original combination product engineering system in two or three engineering system is simplified into a system, save interior space, beautify the indoor environment.In addition, the mountain of wall-mounted boiler energy conservation and environmental protection, comfort, safety and perfect after-sale guarantee system, makes the mountain, to become iconic brands in the field of heating."Focus on the character," Yuan Minghua stressed that the mountain is a brand, a based on the mass people, for the people to solve the refrigeration, heating and living hot water needed for life, to provide the best solution of the brand.In addition to the introduction of the industry's most advanced testing equipment, the mountain, also formed the domestic top r&d team of engineers, is now in the construction of the country's largest cb product research and development testing laboratory.

"Product is" focus on innovation to build the core competitiveness

Advanced enterprise concept and grand strategy ultimately depends on high-end technology to achieve.Hanging furnace industry is developing rapidly in recent years, but the good and bad are intermingled, product homogeneity serious, as the industry leader, the mountain, relying on the lead in cb market in China, with its product advantage, low carbon environmental protection management idea, by the vast number of users.

Yuan Minghua said that the mountain stone differentiation strategy of technology innovation, independent research and development of the current domestic most advanced condensing the central heating system, molding process or machine operation performance, has reached the international leading level.Basically eliminated the domestic product widely exist in thermal efficiency, load rate, energy comprehensive utilization is low, has obvious economic and social benefits.In addition, he's good at absorbing the international advanced high and new technology, but it is the drawing of based on self r&d, put an end to simple imitation, believe that imitation never a way out.In "improve the living environment, lead the living quality" enterprise under the call of duty, the mountain people will forever innovation vitality.

[quality] concentrate meet user needs

User requirements is the clearest indicator of market development, market competition with the constant change of user requirements and change.Yuan Minghua said, in the country

Promoting energy conservation and emissions reduction and low carbon under the background of environmental protection, personalized heating demand increases, the proportion of the cb products will enter to multiply trend

Ordinary people, and central heating, perfect after-sales service is the key to guarantee in cb user normal use.

Cb according to reporter understanding, the mountain, from the pre-sale to optimize the system configuration to the sale strictly perform the installation specification, and then to after-sales service interlocking, provide users with a complete integration solution.Also launched a 24-hour free service hotline: 400-8812-999, can quickly and easily meet the requirements of consumers about the after-sales service, and user can log on to website, have a professional after-sales personnel for the user to answer questions online.S Orient today newspaper reporter zhang meng


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