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Cb Yuan Minghua - he's - hangzhou big interview the 2013-07-10 yuan artificial environment equipm

Date: 2015-12-16
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On October 29, 2012, hangzhou big yuan artificial environment equipment co., LTD. ", cb's third stage production base "ground was built, after the completion of the project, the capacity will be on the basis of the original 200000 units, to set aside 200000 units.Cb this marks the prelude to the mountain, a national brand enterprise since 2008, moved to the new production base, once again reached new heights.

Hangzhou big yuan artificial environment equipment co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as: big yuan company), founded in 2003, committed to the development of our country wall-mounted gas boiler, central air-conditioning business., full of rich Tibetan culture, the national brand, the mountain in cb series products in zhejiang province in 2003 was named the construction of key projects designated famous quality products.

Company since its inception, the yuan is to "improve the living environment, lead the living quality" as our mission, to "people foremost, quality first" for the purpose, with high quality, high efficiency, high security services, efforts to develop relationship with customers, make contributions to enhance the quality of human settlement.

Through nearly 10 years of operation, innovation, development and construction of multidisciplinary team of experts, such as big yuan company has made remarkable achievements: in 2005 was named the national customer satisfaction units;In zhejiang province in 2006 was rated as high-tech enterprises, CHC national high-tech listed in the national quality trustworthy product of the state administration of quality supervision, promote the work focused on unit;High quality brand products in China, in 2007 and won four national patents, in the industry take the lead by ministry of science and technology included in the national torch program (project number: 2007 gh040185);In the first half of 2008 to move in a new production base, annual production capacity of up to 200000 units, in the same industry leading the way;Included in the national key support at the beginning of 2009 high-tech enterprises, with leading global technology level of condensing furnace, thermal efficiency is 108%, the nine national patent.

With a pious heart do write the mountain culture

In the increasingly fierce competition in the market today, the competition between enterprises is appeared on the surface of products and services, the deep layer is management level of competition, a deep layer see again is a culture of competition.Enterprises to maintain stable and sustainable development, must be developed with characteristic of their corporate culture.

Big yuan company since founded at the beginning, you have risen up to this point, and find our own "circle", belongs to own the core of enterprise culture: "the mountain road, with a pious heart to do things".The mountain, is a story from the snowy plateau, chairman of the board of directors of the company is also a big yuan Yuan Minghua on the mountain, a special kind of complex.Is located in the roof of the world's Tibet ali plateau mountain, mountain, rinpoche's the center of the world, is the world's religious believers mind beside it and manasseh huiyong, harmonious and perfect combination of fault, known as the world's first "mountain sacred lake".To Lhasa Yuan Minghua chairman Tibet in 1988, where they met the famous writer, the Netherlands, and became friends with him.There read his gang's attraction, in shape, also in the in the mind more than a myth.After many years, in it to make its own mountain, the lure of the "mountain" is naturally became the slogan of the mountain, but also become a big brand products.

For the mountain people, "the mountain road, with a pious heart to do things" is not empty talk, but real action.Since 2006, the mountain, put forward a slogan: "let the user zero risk investment, the unconditional return within two years."In order to realize this promise, in recent years, the mountain has been spare no effort to cultivate after-sales service commissioner.Every project, all straight in after-sales service points, once has the service report, must repair in the day.Strong service team all over the country and the practical software and hardware archives management and all users to construct a canal, let all users experience as a mountain, an honor and joy of users.At the same time, he's multi-pronged business model, the agent system, the 4 s shop service system, company direct sales system, all for the purpose of "people first", and in the interests of the people, truly the mountain's slogan says, let the user see gratified, buy the rest assured that with the comfortable, no worries.The mountain people to use practical action, practice of his own ideas, practice the power of the brand!

Talent construction is an important part of enterprise culture, the mountain, is to build the r&d team with strategic vision.Now big yuan company full-time at the core of the research and development personnel 6 people, the enterprise itself to participate in research and development team, a total of 12 people, combined with the relevant professional consultants and foreign aid strength of colleges and universities employed a total of 18 people.The team, there are control, gas experts, nc, cold punching die experts, "expert of refrigeration, hvac, electrical and mechanical integration experts, such as machinery manufacturing industry experts, the team can guarantee the mountain, the technical level of the products is the industry leader.Now he's wall-mounted gas furnace when compared with other similar products at home and abroad, save energy consumption of about a third, the result is that the team's unique contribution.College degree or above technical personnel, have accounted for 48% of the total number of company employees.

In addition, the RMB to build big company unique cultural connotation, the company has adopted a series of measures.Company specially created the eternal mountain ", and use it as a 'song, has been made, and the entry into the channels of communication;Company founded by the journal of the mountain, also along with the products into homes;Unified the rectification of the sales outlets, in store display, books, at the end of the exhibition stand, "the eternal mountain," MTV rolling play within the stores on the projection screen, create a mountain, heaven and earth, and created a strong brand and culture."The highlands in cb in the future, must be the brand core values of the highlands, is the highland business model, is always high after-sales service guarantee. Sentence: true highland in people heart. He who will one step a footprint to strong brands into", big yuan company chairman Yuan Minghua said.

Casting is the highest quality stick to the road of green innovation

On November 9, 2012, who took part in the "2012 China international green innovation technology products exhibition, and participated in by the vice minister of commerce led east, cic, citic capital, hony, participation of cicc," environmental protection industry seminar ", it shows that the cb's in green innovation avenue to develop the energy conservation and emissions reduction.

In fact, when the "energy conservation and emissions reduction" gradually become a consensus, big yuan company already "treader first".In the mountain series products, the "energy saving", "environmental protection" is the key word.Mountain in cb, ordinary (non condensing in cb) heating thermal efficiency is 96.5%, the flue carbon monoxide emissions only 0.001%;And okada rinpoche's series, the harmony fault series, the series of tangula hanging furnace thermal efficiency of products in the industry far ahead.In included in the ministry of science and technology national torch plan, become a national key high-tech enterprises, the mountain in cb has 15 patents, including five for national invention patent.This year to market with the cb much energy integrator, can be simple to integrate light and superficial.At the same time, solve the changes in temperature bath three functions of the trinity in the middle of the machine has been further energetic energy, electricity, light, air, superficial and can more comprehensive utilization of energy development, become the pioneer of green innovation product energy saving and emission reduction.

In recent years the real estate macroeconomic regulation and control is a strong trend, strengthening government housing project construction of affordable housing.In order to meet the market demand, the mountain, timely introduced for affordable housing construction engineering machine and 14 kw, 16 kw small machine, in hebei, xinjiang, qinghai, ningxia and other places have achieved good results."In 2012, cb's products in the housing market sales forecast to account for around 30% of the company's total sales, in 2013, this proportion will be higher."Yuan Minghua introduced to chairman.

In addition, the big yuan company more attention will implement the green innovation technology for energy conservation and emissions reduction.Cb mountain, the third stage production base will be built six floors of scientific research building, the company decided to make a whole floor as a scientific research center, will further introduce scientific experts, and, in collaboration with relevant institutions and universities to create a first-class research team and laboratory.

"From international to domestic, a series of complex economic situation that we face both opportunities and challenges, also let us the outlook has a variety of conjecture, holding on energy conservation and emission reduction, green innovation avenue don't abandon don't give up the firm faith, we have the courage to explore, conveniently, whether it is buck, or a canyon, upwards!"Cb in the face of the current situation of the market even more, he's sales director cui letter forceful words, let us feel the great yuan company determination.

At present, Chinese enterprises are blind investment direction, lack of reasoning, which tends to be bullish on the industry, investors rush.Cb just a few short years, manufacturers have been far more than 100, mud and sand flow together, good and evil people mixed up, the sham as the genuine phenomenon times out, early to ignite a smoke, lead to vicious competition.In this context, the mountain, the path of energy conservation and emission reduction, green innovation and paid work, obviously is commendable.

Energy conservation and emissions reduction technology of green innovation road is wide, cb is the broad road.Mountain, will continue adhering to the "improve the living environment, lead the living quality" of the mission, uphold the "people foremost, quality first" corporate purposes, the practice of "let the user see gratified, buy the rest assured that with the shuxin, worry-free heart" service concept, on the healthy development of the green innovation road more walk more wide

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