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The origin of the 2013-05-22 "mountain" brand

Date: 2013-12-11
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       Located in the roof of the world of the roof of the ali plateau, Tibet's main rinpoche qi, and the harmony fault harmonious and perfectly together, had a reputation of the world's first "mountain sacred lake"."Mountain" went to hangzhou big yuan company, and become a big industry in the brand, it is with a legend and true story.
       In 1988, the founder of the artificial environment equipment co., LTD. Hangzhou big yuan Yuan Minghua Tibet, met the famous writer in Lhasa, the Netherlands, and read his novel "the temptation of the mountain,", in the mind suffered baptism and cheered, "mountain" is like a beautiful myth permanent heart in the mind.
Yuan Minghua after how many years in the process of entrepreneurship, the "mountain" also stuck that advocating complex, he determined to put the company's products also make desirable brand product in consumer memory.
       "The mountain is the most holy place, our heart was such a beautiful name, if our product can take such a name, can quickly be cognitive and accept."From now on, "yuan" the company has a "mountain" of reputation, more condensed the air of "mountain".Then, the lure of the "mountain" in yuhang is no longer a "weapon" of nature, and become the "big yuan" brand weapon to conquer the world.

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