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Manufacturers and win-win Both built all Guo Chen wishing

Date: 2015-12-17
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The mountain in cb market seminar and perfect ending in the spring of 2011 national sales meeting


On February 28, 2011, the mountain in cb market seminar and the spring of 2011 the national sales meeting in the songshan mountain zen wu3 da4 held a grand hotel, artificial environment equipment co., LTD., chairman of hangzhou big yuan Yuan Minghua, sales general manager cui letter and office staff, dealers across the country, agents hundred people coming to the meeting, everybody together, coming review company's ups and downs, summed up the brilliant sales performance in 2010, at the same time, the company's overall planning and development direction in 2011 made the preliminary discussion and determine.

Excellent performances of the shaolin martial arts pulled open the prelude to the meeting, conference, communion, carefully summarize the 2010 sales performance, excellent agents and employees for the recognition, the outstanding contribution award, best marketing award, best cooperation award, best new artist, best brand creative award, best after-sale service, deserves it.Big ms yuan XiXiaoJing offices in shanxi regional manager on behalf of the award employees speak, she said, in the know, contact to into the process of big yuan, all of the hard work and sweat are happy, thanks to the support of family and the mountain, give the sense of honor and achievement!

In 2010 for the mountain, is a glorious year, this year's market share reached 9%, sales and doubled in 2009, this is the mountain, in times of growth for 2 years.This year, the mountain, across the country set up eight 4 s shop, vigorously promote the development of the mountain, cui letter of general manager, in the future there will be more 4 s stores in operation, constantly improve, and service to the customer's market share.It is understood that the mountain in cb, in some areas of share is 30%, this is without a doubt to the mountain of cb.When it comes to new planning in the New Year, new target, Yuan Minghua chairman, said in 2011, the mountain, to speak with the market share, our target is 10%.We saw the mountain, the upward force and powerful cohesion!

Brand building is crucial for the long-term development of the enterprise, the content of the Yuan Minghua chairman think brand construction is: cast quality brand, the brand connotation is rich, advertising booster brand, market construction, team building brands.The mountain, the central of the trinity, efficient condensing water heater, air source heat pump water heater, new products, new technology constantly, will be based on strong technical support the road of brand building.In addition, the mountain, continue to strengthen the cooperation between school and, after two hope primary schools in donations, the mountain, and the cultural industry in sichuan vocational college of xinjiang agricultural university, and has set up a "mountain scholarship".To win economic benefits at the same time, the mountain is also not forget our national brands, to give back to society, compassion is the mountain, the future development of the road will continue.

In an atmosphere of joy, merry, mountain, cb market seminar and the spring of 2011 the national sales meeting ended completely.New starting point, new target, I believe in Yuan Minghua under the leadership of chairman, in the mountain, manufacturers and a strong cohesive force, the mountain will create new miracles and brilliant!







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