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News, calmly hand control

We only produce in cb we only production in cb

Date: 2015-12-16
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"Warm cubic original dialogue" on May 13, 2014-15, 2014 ISH China & CIHE - China (Beijing) international heating ventilation air conditioning, sanitary ware, and urban construction equipment and technology exhibition held in shunyi district new China international exhibition center.The exhibition covers six exhibition hall, exhibition area, a total of 85000 square meters, more than 1000 exhibitors and 40000 professional audience participation at home and abroad.During the exhibition, warm cubic hanging LuWang interviewed at the scene the mountain, artificial environment equipment co., LTD. (hangzhou big yuan), dean of the school of management XiXiaoJing, explore the mountain, cb as a domestic first-class brand the exhibits and the current operating conditions, etc.



The mountain in cb management school dean XiXiaoJing lady

Seat warm cubic hanging LuWang dean, how are you.Would you please introduce the mountain, the first exhibition of new product.



Our mountain si XiXiaoJing the cb of the new product is the mountain, near the 2014 launch of new products - the harmony of quaternary fault.This product is more efficient in gas, it is the improvement of technology of frequency conversion fan air conditioning micro air.Product features: ultra-thin body, elegant appearance, compact structure, convenient installation;Fool type knob control, simple operation, convenient adjustment, and long service life;Liquid crystal display clear present working status, fault self-check function can help to quickly determine and troubleshooting;Use of switching power supply control mode, under the bad environment with higher frequency can still normal use;Proportional control, automatic control heating water and sanitary hot water temperature and water fast.



Full consideration when the aircraft research and development, in fact, the old man in the home when using the simplicity of operation, and convenient degree of the machine installation and after-sale maintenance, and the stability of the machine running, healthy life length up to 15 years.Very economical products, particularly suitable for affordable housing, housing, low-cost housing and other large engineering project, purchasing power is relatively backward in the north area.





The mountain warm cubic hanging LuWang in cb, the sales performance of last year?What is this year's sales targets?



The mountain, the mountain si XiXiaoJing cb sales volume is 30000 units in 2013, this year's goal is 50000 units.



The warm cubic hanging LuWang mountain of cb market areas are mainly concentrated in where?Where will increase the market development of the next step?



The mountain, the mountain si XiXiaoJing market area is mainly in three or four line city, focuses on the northwest, county, township area of Inner Mongolia, Tibet area.The next step will increase to expand market in north China.



The mountain warm cubic hanging LuWang what is standard of choosing cooperative dealers?



A mountain, XiXiaoJing is the main character;2 it is to see whether a time in the industry to do things for a long time.



Warm cubic hanging LuWang mountain, is how to help dealers?



Our mountain si XiXiaoJing in supporting the dealer development mainly through training.In our view, training support.There are many okada's dealer training.Such as the factory's technical training held twice a year;Every month training to the dealer.In addition, the major holiday we will hold activities for the local distributor, brand promotion, brand effect.



As we know, warm cubic hanging LuWang mountain, is a very importance to product quality and the technology of the development of the brand, the mountain, over the years, please ensure that the product with advanced technology is how to do?



The mountain, the mountain si XiXiaoJing product research and development with the focus on technology innovation, we not fast, but slow down to a fine.In addition to our school of management on product after-sale maintenance, etc.In fact, a good product itself is for the promotion of the brand.Yuan Minghua general manager often said that the mountain to the brand as a kind of culture industry, to develop, so need more profound and solid brand spirit.Because he's only production in cb, so will definitely put all your eggs in one basket, in product quality and technology.



Thank you for your warm cubic hanging LuWang XiXiaoJing lady.


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