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The low temperature floor radiant heating system in the engineering application of the 2013-4-11 mei

Date: 2015-12-16
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 Pick to: the low temperature floor radiation heating system is upgrade of ordinary radiator heating means, it is used, solved some problems existing in the radiator heating, it has a comfortable, health, saving space, good stability, etc.It is in the use of materials, laid by some exquisite, construction technology and should be given attention, believe that with the improvement of people living conditions, low temperature floor radiant heating system will be more and more users alike.
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      With the constant progress of the society, people's living conditions continue to improve, people also more and more high to the requirement of indoor heating.Now used in many engineering of low temperature floor radiant heating system instead of common radiator heating, this way has a small energy consumption and high comfort, easy household metering, do not take up room usable floor area, etc.
A, the characteristics of low temperature floor radiant heating
      The low temperature floor radiant heating is a kind of of the inside of the building ground heating system.Plastic pipe laying on the floor when decorate inside casting concrete layer, the water temperature is generally not more than 55 , working pressure is generally not more than 0.3 million of floor radiant heating system.The system on the ground as radiating surface, the floor again to surrounding air by convection heating, and with the human body, furniture and other objects in the radiation heat transfer, so that its surface temperature increase, the radiation heat exchange about account for more than 50% of the total heat transfer, is an ideal heating system, can effectively solve the problems existing in the radiator heating.
       Low temperature floor radiant heating fuel economy, low power consumption, is the most economical heating equipment, its advantages are as follows:
1, health, comfort, health.Radiation is the most comfortable way of heating.Indoor ground uniform temperature distribution, room temperature decreasing gradually from bottom to top, solving the hot air floating on warm under cool,;The body feels very comfortable, heat from the foot can improve blood circulation, promote metabolism, and at the same time, this method is not easy to cause wet air convection, make indoor clean health, improve the household environment.
       2, save space.Almost all indoor all sorts of pipeline laying in heating floor structure layer, indoor cancelled the radiator pipe, use do not take up space, compared with the radiator way to effectively increase the usable floor area.
       3, heat stability, heat preservation performance is good.Because of the ground layer and concrete heat storage is big, so in the case of a temporary stop heating, indoor temperature will not drop sharply, thermal stability is very good.Due to the ground of the special structure of floor heating, the lower level when the user does not heating, the middle layer of the heating effect is almost unaffected, and can greatly reduce the heat transfer of the neighborhood.
       4, high efficiency and energy saving, low operating cost.Floor heating system has the advantages of storing heat, in establishing the same comfort conditions under the premise of indoor design temperature of the energy consumption can be reduced by 2% ~ 3% than other forms of heating, improves the thermal efficiency;The system benefit the heat concentrated in the human body, the height of heat medium low temperature transfer (water supply temperature of 50 , the return water temperature of 40 ), and small heat loss in the process of transfer;Can independent adjustment. Each room temperature.
       Second, the construction of low temperature hot water floor radiant heating
1, floor radiant heating pipes
The floor radiant heating system generally USES plastic pipe.Plastic pipe has no leak, easy to bend, easy construction, etc.Best pipe is PE material, but it is difficult to buy domestic pure PE pipes, so commonly used in the engineering crosslinked polyethylene PEX pipe, modified polypropylene PP - C, polybutylene PB pipe and crosslinked polyethylene aluminous model multiple tube, etc.These pipes have anti-aging, corrosion resistance, no scaling, high pressure, no environmental pollution, it is not easy leakage, water resistance and low expansion coefficient, etc, used in 50 environment can be up to 50 years.No matter what kind of pipes, pipe fittings and pipe wall inside and outside should level off, smooth, no bubble, crack, crack, peeling and clearly mark lines, concave;Pipe and tube color should be consistent, no color is not uniform,Should be carefully handled when loading and unloading of transport and handling, cannot hit from violent collisions and sharp objects, not behind, fell, rolling, drag, avoid contact with oil, in the process of storage and construction should keep dirt and debris into the tube, place to avoid direct sunlight.


2, low temperature floor radiant heating is buried pipe laying methods

Laying way generally have a snake and back to the two kinds of shapes, the snake laying is divided into single snake, double the snake and staggered twin snakes, laid back type can be divided into single, double back.

3, the construction of low temperature floor radiant heating

(1) indoor coarse renovated, laying the ground level off, clean, flatness requirement: 1 meter check on feet, high and low difference < 8 mm.

2 floor radiant heating system design drawings and other technical documentation is complete.

(3) floor radiant heating engineering construction plan after examination and approval and technical disclosure.

(4) materials, machinery and construction of power and is ready to, and can guarantee the normal construction.

5] the construction site, construction of water, electricity, materials storage sites and other temporary facilities can meet the construction requirements, construction environment temperature should not be lower than 5 .

[6] the installation process to prevent paint, asphalt, plastic pipe or other chemical solvent pollution.

Once geothermal before laying plastic tubing, check whether pipe inside and outside with dirt and debris.

Being used in the main floor heating engineering materials, equipment and finished products or semi-finished products, should accord with a country or enterprise in the current standard of technical qualification documents or product certification.

'levies installation personnel should be familiar with the general performance of steel tubes, master the basic operation points.

all holes in the floor should be laid, before heating pipeline, in order to avoid any after the drilling operation.(see figure 2)

Three, the main technological process

Civil engineering structures with floor heating construction operation and fixed the diversity is to paste the horn side heat preservation, laying of polystyrene - laying wire mesh - laying coil and fixed to set expansion joints, pipe, middle pressure testing to backfill concrete, acceptance testing.

Specific construction process is as follows:

(1) before construction, floor leveling floor should be surveyed.

Diction diversity water USES bolts level fixed on the wall, installation is strong.

(3) latex paste 10 mm pieces of insulation board along the wall, for smooth paste, lap closely.

(4) laying on the leveling layer insulation layer (such as 2 cm thick polystyrene insulation board, insulation coil or import insulation film, etc.), rubber plate joints with stickup and firm, aluminum foil on the insulation layer is laid or stick a layer with coordinate frame line of composite aluminum plating polyester film, insulation to spread a set level.

5] in laying a layer of aluminum foil Ф 2 mm steel wire net, 100 x 100 mm spacing, size 2 m * 1 m, and laid to in neat formation, between the stencil with strapping, uneven or warping of the steel nail fixed on the floor.Setting the waterproof layer of room such as toilet, kitchen fixed wire mesh nailing is not allowed when pipe or steel mesh warp, should take measures to prevent the pipe surface concrete.

[6] spacing according to design requirements will be heated plastic card will work well tube fixed on the benzene board, fixed point spacing is not more than 500 mm (according to the length direction), greater than 90 ° bend section and midpoint shall be fixed on both ends.Pipe bending radius shall generally be 100 mm.Installation process to prevent the pipeline contaminated, each loop heat pipe laying is completed, the sealing tube in time.

Once check whether there is any damage on laying of heating tube, tube spacing, meets the design requirements, after water pressure test, from the exhaust valve hydraulic pressure test by water injection, water injection test pressure for the working pressure of 1.5 to 2 times, but no less than 0.6 Mpa, voltage regulator 1 small pressure drop is not greater than 0.05 Mpa, and leak-proof is not qualified.

Being radiant heating floor when more than 8 m length or area of more than 40 m2, to set expansion joints, the size of the seam for 5 ~ 10 mm, with high degree of fine stone concrete cushion layer.Plastic pipe through the expansion joint, the length should be set not less than 400 mm of flexible casing.In water, and the heating pipe intensive place, pipe external use not less than 1000 mm corrugated pipe protection, in order to reduce the thermal expansion of concrete.Fill in the seam elastic sealant.

'levies after the acceptance of heating tube, backfill fine stone concrete, heating tube to maintain not less than 0.4 Mpa pressure;The cushion used artificial on pressure is close-grained, not using mechanical vibration, no pressing has laid a good pipes, construction should be chosen when care day and night, cushion layer after the curing period, party allows pressure pipeline system.

manifold filter is installed in place of water, pipeline loop to prevent foreign matter into the floor, water to use clean water.Shall not adopt any corrosive water.

cement mortar leveling, do the ground.

riser and diversity of water connection, should carry on the system pressure test.Test pressure is 0.6 Mpa commonly, holding for 10 minutes, the internal pressure drop is not greater than 0.02 Mpa, fell to the working pressure, no leakage for qualified.

Four, debugging and operation of the low temperature floor radiant heating

Low temperature floor radiant heating system after the completion inspection and acceptance, to debug the whole system.When heating water supply to the floor, should choose preheating, heating water temperature may not rise abruptly, initial water temperature should be 20 to 25 , keep 2 to 3 days, and then at the highest design temperature stay four days, and 50 or less normal operation of the water.

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