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Cb bushing and plate type heat treatment of the difference between the 2013-06-28

Date: 2015-12-16
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To differentiate from the domestic hot water heating way, hanging furnace mainly i.e. thermal type and volume type two kinds, namely hot type jet points in cb bushing and plate in cb in type two kinds, the mountain, China is the plate type.Two models there is a big difference, so buy in cb best selected models first, then choose brand.   

Heat exchange principle: casing heat exchanger tube heat exchanger, living hot water sleeve is nested within the main heat exchanger, living hot water priority operation on start-stop pump control, when run living hot water pump stop working, and through the main heat exchanger in a high water hot water heating casing life.Plate through a plate heat exchanger in type into hot water heating life, living hot water priority are done by electric three-way valve operation, when there is living hot water demand, electric three-way valve will be an excellent warm water into the main heat exchanger plate in the domestic hot water heating.

Second, the technical comparison:

1, comfort living hot water

In the use of living hot water process, when the user temporarily shut down production of hot water and open in a short period of time, because there is no flow of the water in the main heat exchanger, the heat exchanger of waste heat and an excellent warm water will continue heating, hot water on casing life at this time when they open living hot water has a high temperature water, causing living hot water hot and cold, and even burn the user.Plate in type heat transfer form you can completely avoid this problem, safe and comfortable living hot water use.

2, scaling,

When the heating operation, resulting in high temperature scale;When living hot water use end or temporarily shut down, because there is no flow of the water in the main heat exchanger, the heat exchanger of waste heat and a an excellent warm water will be maintained for casing life hot water heating hot water will continue heating, hot water on casing life can also cause high temperature scale, along with the increase of the use of time scale will be more and more thick, cb affects efficiency, especially the water quality is hard, often betting phenomenon.

Plate in heat exchanger forms due to use the secondary board for a change of heat, one side for the closed system, living hot water side of the water temperature is generally limited under 60 (the actual use of water temperatures are below 50 ), 60 below not easy scaling, board in disassembly and cleaning very convenient also.

3, the service life of the

When living hot water use end or temporarily shut down, because there is no flow of the water in the main heat exchanger, the heat exchanger of waste heat can't be away in time, cause local high temperature, affect the service life.Plate in type heat transfer form when living hot water after the water pump will delay to run for a period of time, which can effectively avoid the local high temperature.  

Three, the structure and price comparison:

Set of machine without electricity three-way valve valve, no separate living hot water heat exchanger, and simple structure and control, the price is relatively cheap.Plate replacement due to the increased life in hot plate and electric three-way valve, internal components is relatively more, the price also more expensive.Set of machine commonly referred to as economic models, board replacement is referred to as comfortable models, such as Bosch, eurostar has casing economical ZWE (E for pa.) and plate in Comfort ZWC (C: Comfort) two series.

Four, product model contrast:

Set of machine is easy to scale, in the process of living hot water use the start-stop phenomenon such as overheating, heat exchanger forms determines the set of machine can't make it too big, set of machine power is given priority to with 18 and 24 kw, the largest on the market at present to 28 kw.Plate replacement from the structure, design, function, use can effectively reduce the risk of scaling.To effectively avoid the pipe in the process of using the start-stop overheating phenomenon, such as comfort of sanitary hot water is higher.    

Cb in domestic market, big yuan mountain is one of the most influential product, brand, cb occupy the forefront of the list.In terms of quality, the mountain is needless to say, after-sales service is to do our own, by the mountain, so as a customer, it is guaranteed.

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