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High HaiNaZhou shagou lead horse camp ZhenZhi hai appropriate completion qin hope primary school com

Date: 2013-11-29
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On August 19, HaiNaZhou shagou lead horse camp ZhenZhi hai village held high appropriate qin hope primary school completion ceremony, this is the shagou pre-school education, rapid and sound development of a landmark project, which reflects the high appropriate Mr Chin and the county, the county government leadership special care for the children.Attended the completion ceremony of the guest and leadership are: hangzhou GengDou marginal culture communication co., LTD., chairman Yuan Minghua, general manager, ms Rebecca HaiNaZhou tourism bureau deputy director Ye Zhong cuo, shagou county government to plunge into the river, the county education bureau chief pointed measures, a horse camp, head of the township government leaders and county education preschool.Ceremony Yuan Minghua chairman made a ebullient speech respectively, such as Yuan Minghua chairman and ms Rebecca pair at the same time helping the village six poor students, donated school supplies, household items and consolation money, etc., and will further expand the scope of support in the future, deepen the help content.



                                                                                Completion ceremony live


For the school opening
       Straight hai village high appropriate qin hope primary school project through shagou Ye Zhong, deputy head of the government measures and qinghai province writers association, vice chairman of the wind horse matches the introduction, by highly appropriate Mr Qin investment built after on-the-spot investigation.The school with a total investment of about 699800 yuan (including the newly built school buildings, teaching equipment, the life form a complete set of equipment and other auxiliary equipment investment), including high appropriate Mr Qin investment 400000 yuan, the rest of the investment by the government of shagou, the school covers an area of 1600 square meters, building construction area of 482.95 square meters.



  It is advisable that continue to strengthen and culture communication co., LTD. Hangzhou GengDou between communication and exchange, common development and progress, create a better tomorrow.



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