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Gas boiler market change to see the mountain from China, the current location of the lv live

Date: 2015-12-17
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                                                           Starting from the understanding China

Set foot on China, the land has been six years, there are still a lot of places of China.Especially Chinese climate and culture still has a lot of can't understand.But compared with the original, a lot of knowledge of China's progress.As an engineer to understand China's terrain and environment is the study of gas boiler is the main job.

Before I worked in South Korea boiler manufacturing enterprise for a long time, the site construction work experience and technology accumulated some technical know-how, but in China has encountered many difficulties during work, one of the representative several problems as follows:

First, the language problem

Language is really a can't ignore the problem, in the past three years side had several translation, but can only be my idea or technology professional expressed by 60%.Found that the language barrier problem, I started studying Chinese, try using a simple phrase began to communicate with employees and found ears and mouth open, and language is no longer become a communication problem.Maybe it's impossible to understand without the experience of eating YaBaKui language, language communication barriers will not be able to get all the information and knowledge about China, not only can't receive outside information and thinking will only become more and more narrow.

Second, unable to understand Chinese culture

Can't understand the Chinese culture at first, only according to its own standards to think, can't understand each other's ideas.When work is going not well ever complained South Korea don't why here is like this.I don't know whether the employees also wonder if south koreans do?

Third, China's terrain and environmental aspects of the lack of knowledge

Chinese region is very broad, climate change due to the geographical diversification, so the gas type is more than 100 kinds of.If have no basic knowledge concept, boiler combustion problem, there is no way to grasp.South Korea single gas species, a total of only three, gas problem not so serious.Chinese complex environmental factors more exercise me, let me learn a lot.

Now from the calculation to estimate combustibility gas type heat to four years ago in zoucheng city of shandong province the artificial coal gas for heating boiler combustion sex, during experienced many difficulties.Now of course, is how ridiculous to think then angry ah

With that experience, to grasp the other areas of artificial gas boiler combustion played a great help.Our's flagship product for the model design, the reason is lower than the design of gas consumption, benefits to consumers, present technical advantages compared with other competitors.

Fourth, my family problems

Can not adapt to China see family feel very before eat, now on each to see the children compete with other children in schools in China, feel that time is not wasted.Now trying to stick to the chairman for my faith of trust and investment finally have good results.

The current situation of Chinese boiler technology

Although I am not in a position to represent the whole of China boiler company, can't talk about boiler technology level in China.But by this time the boiler development and field experience, boiler technology summary the following content in China.

    First of all, China is now on the market sales of boiler technical level and technical level is the same as the South Korea in 1994, at that time, so to speak not to belittle the meaning of Chinese boiler.Boiler before and after 1985, has gone on sale in South Korea, but 100% is imported products, a few companies (dacheng, lotte) technology is also in a joint venture with foreign enterprises in production and sales of the stage, after large enterprise also gradually participate in gas boiler manufacturing, not only the oil boiler companies even join the production water heater production enterprises, the joint venture, not only to participate in other companies also gradually beyond this stage has realized the product localization.I expressed the China boiler businesses and Korea at the time of the conversion process and is similar.
Boiler parts localization in fact only sales market to some extent, similar enterprises work together to development, to make the localization of success.But in the early 90 s South Korea gas boiler localization level is low, with imported products in terms of performance or material cannot, plus boiler technology professionals lack of experience and knowledge, the error to develop products on the market sales eventually lead to personal disaster emerge in endlessly.And no gas boiler manufacturing technology on the basis of the standard, do not know to what standard as a benchmark for research and development, can only use the foreign standards, but found not in conformity with reality, remember standard changed many times.I was also involved, but the level standards and reference of foreign books everywhere.
Actually at that time in the market in 1994 sales of boiler is not proportional control, generally are on-off type or combustion control form.This technology is easy to follow and easy to combustion control way, skill components is still in the unstable state, at the same time are most of the European market sales of such products.
      South Korean modern proportional control mode of boiler localization success is at the beginning of 2000 or so, but it is not to imitate the European way of air ratio (suction is according to the control of the combustion chamber air pressure change).Before such products the main problems of localization was not the level the cut gas proportional valve structure technology.So a change of direction stick to use electronic control gas proportional valve of the current control mode and the fan was also the representative of the south Korean electronic proportional control of boiler.Current control of the gas valve and air ratio of gas proportional valve is not very close, but solve the problem of fuel valve manufacturing enterprise of technology.Based on the current production enterprises rely on the same industry companies, will use the way of the premixed condensing boiler sales with ordinary boiler.
Now let's put the status of the conversation turned back to China, and you know the situation of the China and South Korea in the past.Although China sales in the market are the earliest gas ratio control method of the product, if want to make a clear distinction between differences with South Korea, compared with completely European import air proportion way, currently on the market sales of boiler combustion control method is completely after the deformation mode of current control products.Consumers not to be washed abuse, but China's gas boiler manufacturing technology standard, test standard high CJ/T 228-228 "gas hot water heating furnace with European EN483 standard similarity is more, if the laws and regulations after the change in the nation's technology standards, now there have been no changes to the products in the structure and performance, the enterprise does not accord with a standard unqualified item will occur, because the current to manufacture of gas boiler water heater standard business thinking and technology level also can not meet the level of boiler manufacturing.
      But unfortunately, parts suppliers, if not precise enough in production management, will let the product quality go detour.If we should try to be the best on the production side to strengthen quality management and improve the quality of the disorder will disappear.
     Also, I want to correct a little gas boiler manufacturing enterprise, production and sales of gas boiler seems to create a lot of profit, but if the product in the production and technical management without careful problem, absolutely is to create a profit.Now a lot of manufacturing enterprises should review their exactly have independent research and development capabilities and technical strength, is going to simply purchase parts after assembly to combustion can be sold, if everyone with such idea, must bring dangerous results.Gas boiler is related to people's life safety, after don't have good technology management will lead to major accidents.Only has the independent research and development ability, products problems can find analysis problems.Have the ability to develop the boiler simple to master relevant knowledge is not enough, I think the rich field experience and understand the consumer psychology is very important.Enterprise if want to long-term sustainable development, must spend a lot of people, i.e. to effectively expand gas combustion of r&d personnel requirements, only in this way can the enterprise in the direction of long-term development.
     I think of the Chinese government put forward a few opinions
     The first approved for production of gas boiler, it is necessary to give support to set up the institute of technology.Must have a standard on the research of the above stated manpower to carrying out for the standard according to the system.
Second, the builder of the boiler installation qualification should be institutionalized.Thus ineligible workers not only can't installation, product safety problems in use can also clear responsibility.Meaning is to can make a clear distinction between the problems of product is the product itself the problem was caused by improper installation (smoke barrel installation connected to the gas leak, etc.)
The third is also related to the installation matters.Heating methods there are many ways in China, the radiator and floor heating is more common, according to my observation, the problem of boiler is mostly appear on the heating tube method error.The heating device series tube place too much, in such cases, the cloth tube tube resistance makes the water cycle can not be normal, and also on the thermal efficiency loss.Under normal circumstances, installation of heating time, the separation of the parallel or distribution device heating more efficiently.So without boiler installation qualification management, there is no way to prevent such a considerable heat loss.

Current technology trends and our okada's technology direction


Mountain, our products in the past six years it is not easy to on the road of development, the process because it kept its technical strength, feeling not encounter great difficulty in terms of technology.But as a result of suppliers product quality problem makes development experience bumpy let me on the road to now have no way to forget.With Korean supplier product acceptance standard to test same product testing still exist many errors.In order not to repeat such mistakes, we paid into skills component testing equipment reduced the error should not happen.

Heating I think China is a more attractive market, once thought that people in southern China have no heating habits, as people living standard rise, the south also use gas for heating.In such a market trend on the whole of China under heating, can imagine how big demand.Coupled with people living more dense urban environment pollution is quite serious, main reason is most people use the heating fuel is coal or charcoal and oil give priority to.This heating method harm China's government is clear, in order to protect the environment, of course, wants to use pollution-free energy, raw materials such as heat energy, geothermal heating, but such a clean fuel than gas calorific value per unit area and low efficiency.Gas under the condition of complete combustion can reduce air pollution, if use condensate burner case, to some extent will get rid of carbon monoxide and Nox.

       In this case, I want to make a personal opinion about gas boiler technology right direction.

      The first, condensing burner combustion method in other countries has been limited.In the material aspects of condensing burner slightly more expensive than some of the Metal Fiber (Metal fibre materials) fully premixed combustion mode is foreign general mode, in the part of domestic enterprises is in the development and utilization.This way of combustion of CO and Nox emissions impact on people's life a little all have no, not only can exhaust emissions and combustion of the boiler is narrow, the overall size and three advantages of combustion efficiency is also increased by 5%.

 Second, using hydrogen combustion way does not need to install the heat exchange device.

 The burst of using hydrogen combustion characteristic directly to the heating method of heating water.This method in Europe and the United States is ready to put the actual success of daily use of technology.Such cases the boiler combustion, not only have no emission and to maximize efficiency.

Third, in order to make the combustion efficiency is above 100%, the development of the condensing boiler.The high temperature exhaust temperature after heat exchange valued in new ways.This approach is often use in large boiler method, but due to the small space of the boiler limited factors encountered many problems, but with the development of new technology of combustion and to become a reality, now is developing in the direction of commercialization.

 But by condensation water of high acid composition of water pollution is a weakness, but also has the advantages of improving thermal efficiency to reduce environmental pollution.Fourth, Home Automation, Home Automation)

With the boiler in the electronic control technology development, the technology than the original boiler of pure technology leader on and off.Boiler home automation is the use of network to monitor the boiler operation or fault can be automatically through the network to the manufacturer's communication network system.

 There is also a good way to unification is fault signal, the fault code is different, each manufacturing enterprise failure occurs, the only manufacturer for repair.Producers if sound capabilities continue to grow their business, must after a thorough management for consumers, otherwise it will bring inconvenience to consumers.Boiler manufacturers after unification form a unified standard of fault signals will bring high quality after-sales service to consumers.

This time I made China through all aspects of the example boiler technology present situation and future development direction of technical developmnet insights.Then we okada's current technical status and where to go?

 First, we the mountain, technical team, accumulated more experience than any one enterprise, China's manufacturing technology standard again how we also have the confidence to fully break down.

Second of all, mountain, chairman of the technical board size.Annual sales of 5 ~ 8% into the technical personnel and technical equipment.In order to learn advanced technology sent someone to participate in a variety of exhibitions held at home and abroad every year or workshop.

     Third, the new factory of the move of all process lines designed to automation facilities and MRP (manufacturing) system, build the raw material purchasing and production stabilization and standardization, to stable production products.

Fourth, has 120 m3 area of the laboratory, testing equipment, and various skills components conforms to the national standard test equipment, develop new products and other various conditions and equipment.

Fifth, 3 two years ago is 5 s movement in the whole company (quality goods, quantity, is position and arrange, rectification, cleaning, clean, order, return visit to customers with neat attitude often appear in the job site.Next year we chairman is preparing to entirely on staff to carry out the management system of 6 o (sigma)

Sixth, the mountain's research team has a look to the future, the enterprise does not only depend on technology development of enterprises, the top management vision and driving force, and the staff's participation factors such as restriction, we for all conditions with the mountain.

So I to Tibet after a long time to get to the mountain, the boiler in the next five years to occupy the highest market share is very confident.



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