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Good faith, excellence, Germany
Good faith, excellence, Germany
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1, the main features:

, the king of double skills.Compared with similar products at home and abroad, energy saving up to a third.

Electronic circulating pump, low noise and high head, the highest Yang can reach 10 meters.3-4 meters higher than conventional pump.

Safety protection devices, 48, and about one hundred percent of security.

The large capacity gas water separator.

, after turn on the tap, can supply in 10 seconds to set the constant temperature of hot water.

highest water yield 20 liters per minute, reached the international advanced level.

two-stage freeze protection function.

Patent products, metallic paint appearance, easy to clean.


2, control features:

Dynamic display, large LCD controller, running status be clear at a glance, leading in the same type product.

, based on the induction of indoor actual temperature, control set by the operation of fuel gas hot water heating furnace temperature automatic control.

, no one at home during the day or night sleep don't need to run at full capacity, can be set up 24 hours timer switch machine.

Heating function, economy set to 10 minutes for minimum interval start time, can be arbitrarily set on and off in 120 minutes.

, the controller according to the principle of different design, and the major series of products.






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