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Mobile Cloud - motor oil expert
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Service concept:
1 and after sales service is the enterprise innovation can drink database.
2, after-sales service is not to fall in love, but after the wedding hall constancy of cultivation.
3, the high quality post-sale service is a big brand protection in the backyard.
Service points:
1, terminal complaints and after-sales service the country free phone 24 hours standby, all users have any are not satisfied with the complaint.
2, each coding products are establishing identity documents, strict archives management system ensures that all users and hardware and software products are in full within the whole view of service, do not allow a black ".
3, the mountain, the user zero risk investment.First, the warranty period of two years, provide unconditionally free service warranty period, the unconditional return.Second, regular follow-up service after the warranty, life-long service.Third, family can offer after the second decoration or product upgrading for replacement of new products and services.Fourth, the warranty period after the replacement component prices are strictly controlled, otherwise heavy fines.
4, service centers all over the country are equipped with spare parts library, ensure that all users products in the event of a failure, can repair in the first.
5, every project at project site in more than 300 sets of straight in after-sales service, personnel management.In the event of service failure, ensure the repair.
6, every mountain, users are the mountain, family members, have the opportunity to get the company sponsored by the Vatican's magazine.The magazine to let you know about cb's development and the information of the industry, at the same time regularly "mountain interactive platform", give priority to the mountain, the user's comments and works.
7, every mountain, users, all have the right to attend the mountain, the company is not in a sweepstakes, contests, tourism activities, etc., this is the mountain, the company for the majority of users to provide another kind of premium services, which let users get surprise and harvest.
8, every mountain, users, to provide real product usage annual report or special case processing, or provide real image data, is advantageous to the bottom of brand publicity and promotion, can receive bonuses or gifts.
The whole level of management, monitoring management, see chart:



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