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1, the warranty
We provide users with free warranty for two years.Warranty for 24 months after the initial ignition debugging, initial ignition should be performed within 3 months after the upgrade, warranty upgrade at the latest within 30 months after termination, the upgrade invoice shall prevail.
In the warranty period with paid services to handle the following situation:
(a), installation environment does not conform to the requirements, there are the following:
Unit pieces will be installed in the outdoor environment;
Mixer install the unit in the damp, corrosion and explosive gas environment;
In pieces installed or installed metope material strength is not enough to support the body weight, the unit from the installation metope falls off; the damage of the unit
(2), unit USES, installation conditions do not conform to the requirements:
Mixer using method is different from the specification or not the equipment is used to specify purposes;
Mixer by using gas type and midway change caused by the quality unit deflagration, accessories scale;
Pieces for gas meter rated flow is too small, low calorific value gas, gas line pipe diameter is too small and causes of the boiler output power is insufficient, can't meet the demand of heating and living hot water;
Pieces for heating system is not equipped with filters, and make the pipe or the unit internal obstruction, scale;
Pieces for installation, use and maintenance is not in conformity with the current standard and specification of fault;
Pieces to the use of pressure, voltage, and is not in conformity with the requirements of water pressure and other facilities, pipelines, power supply connection and accessories such as nonstandard installation defects caused by the fault;
In pieces because of the radiator selection is not reasonable or choose inferior radiator, caused by the heating output is insufficient, leading to poor heating effect;
In pieces due to not will maintain/set aside space around the boiler and its system, before to decorating facilities not dealt with, manufacturer has the right to not be repair or maintenance.
(3), transportation, handling, storage, use undeserved damage:
Body, parts in the process of transportation damage, should be in accordance with the terms of the shipping documents to the trustee and at the same time to the transportation company claim for compensation;
In pieces in the process of handling, handling personnel for equipment not sparing, not according to the manual operation, to violate compasses operation caused by damage, reason accident responsibility person to take a loss;
In pieces because product location is not suitable, the damage caused by incorrect;
In any case, stop using for a long time or the damage caused by long-term and unmanned management;
In pieces because of long time power outages, gas boiler freezing damage caused;
Mixer products accessories, installation does not belong to the warranty scope (filters, the flue, the power cord and plug of manufacturer standard accessories);
In pieces the users themselves after filling water, failed to timely overpressure caused by a water inlet valve closing boiler and all the losses resulting from the drain;
In pieces due to the use of original accessories, or without the company approved accessories damage;
Pieces by without manufacturer's authorized personnel or users to install, open to improper maintenance, maintenance damage.
(4) and the other:
Mixer force majeure damage;As a result of collision, damage, theft, damage, such as natural disasters;
In pieces when the buyer is not even one of their payment obligations;
In pieces more than warranty period and the user can't show the authorized personnel of the upgrade of the copy of the debugging and effective details invoice certificate;
Above causes product is returned or specified in the technical repair, round-trip freight shall be borne by the user.   


2, the service charge

Replacement parts of maintenance instructions: gb regulation should guarantee 30 days after each maintenance over the warranty period.Our company stipulate the standard of the replacement parts to provide warranty period of 100 days.

In pieces products over protect users need to pay fees = upkeep + accessories fee + distance transportation

Mixer maintenance schedule

                                               Maintenance standards

The following services did not show in the classification, the after-sales service personnel on-site detection judgment shall prevail.


                                                         Service classification standard


Service classification standard

(1), door to door service fee: city or place in principle within 10 km from door to door service;
(2), if the service personnel door-to-door service for the user at the same time many sets of products and services, and then the super from door to door service charge a fee, the highest is not allowed to repeat to the door fees charged by the user;
(3), the following is a super L routes from the branch is located to the place of machine maintenance public transportation mileage (one-way) as the computational method of super routes:
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