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2016 - 03 - 30
1, hangzhou big yuan artificial environment equipment co., LTD. Is "city gas branch of China civil engineering institute, deputy director of professional committee of units"2, 2008 mountain ...
2015 - 12 - 17
Recruit, hot line: manager seats (0) 13757185638Gas heating furnace, hot water Hu Jingli (0) 13588006033
2015 - 12 - 17。A base on mass people, for the public people to solve the refrigeration, heating and living hot water three life needed to select the best scheme to provide...
2015 - 12 - 17
1, big yuan company according to the needs of the market for franchisees personnel training.Franchisees in big yuan company training staff accommodation expenses shall be borne by the big yuan company...
2015 - 12 - 17
1, the identity of the mountain, the management idea, have the consciousness of brand management.2, have a certain financial strength.3, understand the wall hanging furnace industry, has strong indust...
2015 - 12 - 17
1, overalls, work packages, product manuals, and other materials, souvenirs, promotional distribution by big yuan company.Printed by the big yuan company encourage franchisees propaganda materials.2, ...
2015 - 12 - 17
1, big yuan company will through the outdoor advertising, TV, professional journals, newspapers and other media advertising, especially to help franchisees media in the region.2, the mountain has prof...
2015 - 12 - 17
1, is reported to the engineering protection: project area not defined.Big yuan company priority BaoBeiZhi engineering information of franchisees for protection.Information is reported to the once, bi...
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