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At this stage in cb Yuan Minghua after-sales service of the eight points

Date: 2015-12-16
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At the beginning of 2014, hangzhou big yuan artificial environment equipment co., LTD., set up the mountain, the college management, one of the main function of the college, is the after-sales service training, said the following eight points, is the first time I was in college training speech at the meeting, then take out to share with you.

A: why do we and the service



Seemingly empty talk, but have to say, and is the core point, is the foothold, the starting point, or center of the circle.Cb in cb manufacturing, sales, we say to the after-sales service, often in the eyes of cb only, due to the business relationship, for the buyer, I paid the money, I bought the stove, I also bought the seller's service at the same time, the seller, I sold the stove, I earned money, provide services is also god's truth, has always been so understanding, actually otherwise, cb is a medium, once the business relationship established, is a service between people, money can be quantified, the service is difficult to quantify, even if it is a good rule, more also depends on the service quality, character, virtue, put service first, use the service to make money, is perfect;Instead, put the money in the first place, to serve for money, is inferior.If any further, lying, cheating, pass the buck to earn money, even by hook or by crook, collect fees in disorder, that is mercenary, is inferior product.This is the mountain after the establishment of the first lesson in the school of management, to do advance, carry forward the positive energy.In a word, Chinese wall hanging furnace go today, after-sales service first need is probably no maintenance knowledge, but rather a good idea and attitude.The buyer's eyes, the product can be greater than services;The seller's eyes, the service must be greater than the product.So-called no service is the best service, that is a bluff, after all cb is dangerous product, is a systems engineering, can never be mature to refrigerators, washing machines, mobile phone watch so single, at least for now.


              Chairman of the board of directors of the company - Yuan Minghua yuan artificial environment equipment


2 after-sales service is knowledge

         As far as I know, China's cb market since 2003, after the initial shape, almost every year there are accidents, light damage, or injury, the mountain, 11 years, but no accident has occurred, but has also encountered surface caused by the deflagration pan-ku offline phenomenon, fine, and investigated the cause of this phenomenon are various, of course.However, we assume that the stove factory itself has no quality problem, the early stage of the operation is normal, it is the follow-up maintenance problems, safety problems is often accumulate over a long period, it must be is not timely diagnosis, not seasonable cure, after-sales service is out of joint, failing to keep up with them.

We always like the after-sales service as the situation after the service, this is one sick just know to go to a doctor is a reason.Know to nip in the bud, or few active plan, this is very terrible awareness of the disease.People have a way to maintain, protect and life, and health, can prolong life.Cb in cb, too, is a concentration of gas, water heating equipment, circuit, especially compared with the developed countries in Europe, the temperament of winter heating area in our country, the stability of the water and electricity are relatively poor, such as hanging furnace requires the use of demineralized water, and most of our users direct use of water, hard water quality, running after a long time, the water pipe wall is easy to scale, as the tube wall thickening, pipe diameter decrease, pressure increase, dysfunctional, cause the system energy consumption increase, so the heat exchange efficiency is poor, the service life of components has been cut, the potential safety hazard increases.

This kind of problem, we can use some medium settled through circulation cleaning, we also set of before and after heating season twice a year, even once, but the market each year millions of furnace, how much did it?Rules of preserve one's health or an enforceable, knowledge first problem lies in philosophy.

Three maintenance will have a tough will have preset space

Tough easy to understand.Keywords: three inspection, cleaning and cleaning.Check what?Hydraulic pressure, air pressure, voltage, gas and all existing gas leakage may pipe whether there is a crack phenomenon of aging, the power cord and plug if there's any loose aging phenomenon, open is normal, water pump run if there is a phenomenon of hysteresis card and so on.The importance of cleaning mentioned ahead.Water, water flow sensor, pipeline filter, plate heat exchanger, etc are all in the wash.Cleaning?Combustion chamber and nozzle, the main heat exchanger, blower, flue, etc.These are not difficult to do, the key lies in the execution, the execution is the key to popularization, is no black account, not the corner that is forgotten by customer.

Each stove has a code, there are files that are into ERP management database, as long as the implementation in place, can minimize the potential hazard.Terrible problems often occur in the easy part of our negligence, so have the preset space as large as possible.Winter no person in the home, for example, someone in filling water system antifreeze or other chemicals to prevent frostbite, the damage of the system, the correct method should ensure that gas, electricity, heating water in open state, the startup antifreeze mode standby or run.If long time don't heating, should ask professional after-sales personnel, emptying the water heating system memory, shut off the power and gas.

Early years we had come across such a case, there was a stove is a manual filling water valve, shut down after the user hydrating, just left home for a long time in the pump leakage, as a result of the soak a room floor, loss is very big, we compensate the seventy thousand multivariate money.Preset space is larger, the higher our vigilance, our steps will be more frequently, so the practical benefits.


Four after-sales service are the doctors and nurses to dual function
Most cases happen passively after happened after sales service.What is it?There are several solutions?Perhaps we are only focus on results.Mountain, cb has 48 kinds of safety protection devices, mostly fault code can control on large LCD screen to display and corresponding processing method there is detailed analysis on the technical manuals, after-sales training and examination requirements to knows the extent of the heart, but it is not enough, must also accumulate sufficient practical experience, and do the doctor is not enough light, must have the nurse of actual combat experience, if encounter baby, infusion needles have also have different levels of technology.So we laid special stress on, after the waiter must carry the double burden of doctors and nurses.
Five after-sales service is a chain
The mountain, had a after-sales service, the eight points of the three concepts.Three ideas: 1, the after-sales service is the enterprise innovation can drink database.2, after-sales service is not to fall in love, but persistent till after marriage.3, the high quality post-sale service is a big brand protection in the backyard.This all point to a chain of the three concepts.
In wall-mounted boiler manufacturers in China, the mountain wall hanging furnace type and is perhaps the most complete varieties, with the machine, the machine, the commercial modules furnace, much energy integrator, CCTV trinity machine, plate replacement, pipe bender.There are common furnace and condensing furnace with single heater, also has the functions of double, three, can also can integrate gas, electricity, air can, superficial and light, especially rinpoche qi series, is known as energy-saving pioneer, double king of energy saving, bear the ministry of science and technology national torch plan, with 5 invention patents.After-sales service is not, however, the more complex, the better, but as simple as possible.Why is the post-sale service database?Because the after-sales service, in turn, can be traced back to the design source.Such as small to a screw specifications, 2 kinds of 20, it directly restricts the commonality of after-sales service convenience.Big said, after-sales service is closely related to the component suppliers, familiar with supplier for the supplied parts using effect may not be a supplier but our after-sales service.The whole production process, a type O ring is installed, whether a connector plug in place, in the workshop when testing is often not easy to be found.Why do we test bed of test in laboratory and workshop not trust, because a lot of problems must go through a long period of time after the operation can be found.So we say that after-sales service is not only faced with after sales problem, at the same time to take a test to the production process of upstream suppliers and parts using information collection, sorting and feedback.Extended to the user's improper operation, more should guide obligation.We repeatedly after-sales service is not a single after-sales service, because this is a chain, is because of a chain, then the management of the after-sales service have been pushed to a special important position, well-managed, coordinate properly, handled properly, not only can gain economic benefits directly, more able to boost product constantly improve, helping new product development, enterprise development and harmony.


Six directional cultivating service commissioner can be promoted
The mountain had cooperation with the two universities in shanxi, shandong, send graduates of colleges and universities to factory practice, practice after picking part into directional training, after-sales service commissioner into outlets around the internship to grow again, the work has now moved to the mountain, the college management implementation.
Qualified after-sales service commissioner training, unified deployment of the work to the various branches, offices, business agent.More important, mix to increase annually around the project, straight in the after-sale service point, zero distance in the face of the user, put in place to ensure that the maintenance, in the event of after-sales service report, because there's a warehouse with straight stagnation point, can ensure the repair.Then we further policies, over 2000 large engineering project, the project site to buy a house, directly used as after-sales service home, both to ensure after-sales service work smoothly, and solved the after-sale service personnel to eat live is difficult, even his wife and children live together, set up home in homes, to developers, users, manufacturers are good.
Seven after-sales service fee is a lever sensitive balance
By service to earn money for granted, but the concept of service for money is always present, collect fees in disorder phenomenon always associated with bad behavior.Early years many enterprises theory of regional speak level factor of after-sales service arrived in time, to receive payments -, door to door fee, or charging annual fees, excessive replacement parts, learn high-end auto 4 s shops generally charge, these are the unscrupulous behavior.
To this end, the mountain, strict rules, in addition to the annual MenWei confirmed, in addition to spare parts replacement, charge other fee shall be forbidden.And replacement of spare parts price list publicly to all users.Empathy from the user's point of view.Important letter, first of all, be confident.To keep the balance of after-sales service charge sensitive this pole at the level of fair, fair and transparent.Cb, in a sense, any enterprise, after the waiter is brand image spokesperson.The steelyard, must to their side pressure, let users the head become warped.Really our slogan: let the user see gratified, buy the rest assured that with the comfortable, no worries.Keep in mind that our aim: the mountain road, with a heart of godliness.
Eight to think in the Internet to expand the new media service platform
We have entered the Internet age, especially since the birth of WeChat, have truly entered the mobile Internet era, the mobile Internet is profoundly changing our life, the life of consumer habits, great changes have taken place in buying habits are subsequently, on the other hand, said companies, agents, users, media platform, once a chain of different organizations, with the development of mobile Internet, information and communication channel achieved unprecedented unobstructed, all kinds of roles reached unprecedented integration, social marketing gradually turned to the big data services, to the understanding and use of new media, has become an inevitable new challenges.Of course, so will produce new unscrupulous behavior, but the positive energy transfer will have more space.
In this year's two sessions (supplier and distributor meeting), I ask you to think in the Internet to expand the new media service platform, at the end of the day is to transform concept, to keep up with The Times.Cb not like clothing, can easily enter the electronic commerce, but it must be a kind of challenge, is sure to find the right way.From the perspective of after-sales service, at least WeChat, weibo can take advantage of new media, such as within a community, for example, can put your brand users are brought together into a new media platform, open, transparent and sincere communication negotiation problems, helping each other into each other all good, it must be a new look, and positive energy can get a good person, also can get unexpected joy.
More than eight o 'clock, based on my own feeling and experience, is only for your reference.

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