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News, calmly hand control
News, calmly hand control

The mountain, new products come out

Date: 2015-12-16
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Big brands with ordinary people relatively backward area, the mountain wall hanging furnace introduced functional product, resist the cottage industry field army, to clean the market power.

1, thin body, beautiful and easy, compact structure, convenient installation.

2, easy-to-install knob control, simple operation, convenient adjustment, and long service life.

3, liquid crystal display clear present working status, fault self-test function can help to quickly determine and troubleshooting.

4, the use of switching power supply control mode, under the bad environment with higher frequency can be normal use.

5, proportional control, automatic control heating water and sanitary hot water temperature and water fast.


Full consideration when the aircraft research and development in home old man use ease of operation, fully considering the machine installation and after-sale maintenance convenience, give full consideration to the stability of the machine running, healthy life length up to 15 years.Which is especially suitable for affordable housing, housing, low-cost housing and other large engineering project, and purchasing power is relatively backward in the north region, practical, economical and practical, too.Big brands on eyes of ordinary people, resist the cottage industry field army, to clean the market power.



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