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Warm cubic hanging LuWang interview hangzhou big yuan, chairman of Mr Yuan Minghua cubic

Date: 2013-11-28
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On August 24, 2010, the ground heating committee secretary general, for example, liu hao and "warm cubic hanging LuWang", journal of cb media to hangzhou big yuan artificial environment equipment co., LTD.Hangzhou big yuan artificial environment equipment co., LTD., production of the mountain, gas heating, hot water boiler in the industry take the lead by ministry of science and technology included in the national torch program twice.At present, hangzhou big yuan 14 won the national patent, the mountain brand for its profound cultural background, won the praise of the world to the national independent brand., for example, liu hao line accompanied by big yuan Yuan Minghua chairman in hangzhou, a visit to the great yuan workshop, production lines, production, testing equipment and office environment.Yuan Minghua enterprise situation, products, technology and related business progress and introduce to the visitors make specific planning goals, etc.

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