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Hanging furnace industry top ten brand: the mountain source: automobil hvac refrigeration network

Date: 2015-12-17
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Hc360 hvac refrigeration network by network, automobil solar net, heating radiator committee of China construction metal structure association and jointly organized by China household gas heating branch of "honor responsibility influence hc360" 2010 annual heating industry top ten brand "hering cup" China awards ceremony kicked off in the diaoyutai state guesthouse in Beijing on the afternoon of August!The contest of the judges of the current group of experts, award-winning hc360 senior leadership on behalf of the famous enterprises, and on behalf of the media, television media, industry etc will be attended the award ceremony.

The annual "top ten brand selection" of heating industry in China is made up of automobil hvac refrigeration, heat pump nets, automobil solar net the authority of the host selection, since the activity held, has long been recognized as China influence of heating enterprises, brand activity important trade-offs.2010 top ten brands, through Internet, text messaging, and offline for primary professional judges and layers of the inspection, the final list of radiator industry top ten brand in cb, radiator industry dealers trusted brand, industry top ten brands, air can water heater industry top ten brand dealers, air can water heater industry brand loyalty, energy-saving control contribution award, the solar industry dealers trusted brand, industry top ten brand of floor heating the eight awards.

Learned, for the brand in order to expand the influence, the 2010 annual "hering cup" prize-giving grand ceremony of China heating industry top ten brand selection process will be through the hc360, business information, automobil information daqo to tracking show during this period, the participation and award-winning enterprise automobil hvac refrigeration network also invited to mainstream newspapers, network media, the local media, television media reports of activities, only allows businesses to promote all-round support.The event will also be in the form of industry recommended to introduce enterprise to the industry in the industry, not only let the contestant and the award-winning enterprises establish the important position in the industry, effectively target consumer groups at the same time, enhance brand influence for sales market.

The 2010 annual heating industry "hering cup" China top ten brand campaign got the heating equipment market China many people attention and support.Through the industry enterprises to participate in the activities of the enthusiasm, I believe in the coming days heating industry will go forward hand in hand, show the industry well-known brands, model to promote the successful experience of enterprises, promote the green scientific and healthy development of the industry to promote enterprises, experts, interactive communication, user, effective communication with customers.

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