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News, calmly hand control

On March 21, 22, 2010, shandong, shanxi two colleges and universities students are warmly welcome to

Date: 2015-12-17
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On March 21, 2010, from shandong railway vocational &technical college eight students with the joyful mood to hangzhou, the company sent car to the far away from the railway station of students receiving company, administration department director on behalf of the company extended a warm welcome to all students, hope that the students can use the school learned professional skills, combined with the practical situation, improve their technical level, gradually developed a power for the company.The eight students for professional construction equipment engineering technology and heating ventilation and air conditioning technology, reserve requirements of professional counterparts, with the company.As early as in August 2009, the company has been keep in touch with the school, through the telephone communication, on-site interview, eventually selected from more than 30 students eight solid professional skills, strong communication skills, team spirit and can bear hardships and stand hard work to company internship.The eight students will conduct 2-3 months of directional training, employment after assessment is eligible to sign a formal labor contract.Company will each student according to oneself circumstance, put them in sales, after-sales maintenance, and other different positions.

Comes to the next day, six shanxi finance and technology college students return to hangzhou.The six students is rijin on November 7, 2009 the company began to practice, the assessment result and performance is quite good, the company decided to continue to help and training.According to the sales director ms cui letter, all the six students will give preference to sales management department, at the beginning of April will be into the offices, sales outlets throughout the country and after-sale market practices of exercise.To them after graduation, the company will be the most preferential treatment and key management positions and provide opportunities for the development of the students.

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