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News, calmly hand control

Three dimensions Deep development Lead the residential quality mountain

Date: 2015-12-17
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On July 8, 2010, 18 points and 11 o 'clock in the morning, yuncheng in Shanxi Province homag glorious 72 trade 3 area 5 square street square, CAI gong, firecrackers thunder, town.Hangzhou big yuan artificial environment equipment co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as: big yuan) chairman Mr Yuan Minghua and big XiXiaoJing Ms. Yuan in Shanxi Province office of regional manager for the mountain, the 4 s flagship store opening ribbon-cutting ceremony.



In the shower now cool summer, shanxi yuncheng's 4 s flagship store opened, it is already on the market for 13 mountain in shanxi branch, on the basis of opening the biggest's 4 s shop, from store scale, product accessories reserves, the number of technical personnel to the after-sales service system, is a real Chinese wall hanging furnace industry the most professional, most authoritative 4 s shop!


Opening scene, "mountain" for maximum benefit consumers, held a "order in cb favourable activity", and "the lottery", who ordered the mountain in cb, consumers have the exquisite gift send, at the same time a sweepstakes, respectively, set up prize, first prize two third prize, second prize three, five.Cb came to order the mountain front desk service, consumers in an endless stream, according to the reporter understands, just before the opening ceremony of the cb's booking volume reached 54 units!


"Mountain" will always pursue the "with a pious heart to do things," the principle of SanJin consumer advocacy green, low carbon, environmental protection concept of residence, will be more energy efficient, efficient products and more intimate, meticulous after-sales service feedback consumers in shanxi.



Breadth - to expand the domestic market more market share

June 8, 2010 yuan in the first office of hebei province in shijiazhuang, in order to open up the mountain, hebei area in cb market created a new chapter.This year, the "mountain" in the hebei market sales appear the phenomenon of "rejuvenation", in shijiazhuang, baoding, gaobeidian and other regions, sales of wall-mounted gas furnace will reach 5000 m.


On July 8, 2010 yuan in the first 4 s flagship store located in yuncheng in Shanxi Province.Under the environment of low carbon economy, energy industries, as a big province of shanxi, the transformation of the mode of economic development has become a do not change the trend of development.Atmosphere in such a positive development, "the mountain" high-profile in SanJin earth and force consumers to shanxi interprets the concept of green, low carbon, environmental protection household, as the big province of energy transformation of the mode of economic development to make a certain contribution.


"Mountain", meanwhile, has signed an agreement with suning, formally enter the mall, cb has become the industry's first enter the hypermarket brand of domestic gas in cb.During his talks with the great yuan, chairman, the reporter learned that, "the mountain" will be greater enthusiasm into the hexi corridor in the market, continuously develop more broader market.














Depth - with devout heart to do things

There is a mountain Uplift the thick snow area plateau/have a mountain Charm of the plateau snow area/that is the mountain, / force on the roof of the world's sacred/it's giant wings/it is immortal quality/it is the mountain, the life song of praise/forever/oh, that a university of absolute love from the sacred xuefeng/among the rippling west lake/wind and rain accompanied by changes in temperature to know/oh, the mountain, the mountain/oh, dear mountain, mountain, forever/there is a mountain range Uplift the thick snow area plateau/have a mountain Charm of the plateau snow area/that is the mountain, / force on the roof of the world's the flying wings of our sacred/high/immortal quality do so/the life song of praise Loud/that is the mountain, oh, that a university of absolute love from the sacred xuefeng/among the rippling west lake/wind and rain accompanied by changes in temperature to know/oh, the mountain, the mountain/oh, dear mountain, mountain of si/forever forever of the mountain, mountain, forever forever......

- the eternal mountain,


This first aggregates carrying big yuan essence of "the eternal mountain", although is the first time I heard, but don't feel strange, but have a feeling of deja vu, where as if had been heard, and I believe that the place must be in the deepest part of the mind.

"Mountain" since the day it was born, with pious heart to do things.Yuan Minghua chairman once said, with a pious heart to do things, this is the core of enterprise culture, with this core, the circumference of a circle have belonging, have infinite extension of the direction and goals.



In the core as a starting point, "the mountain," will ultimately contribute to the world of the people, to contribute to the development of the society, to contribute to the progress of civilization.

In 2008, wenchuan earthquake brought incalculable harm to Chinese compatriots, how many families lost peace and happiness, therefore, how many children lose the chance to go to school."Mountain" adhering to the "work with devout heart" principle, for the children in sichuan Dan yuba built the hope primary school, allow out-of-school children again to return to the bright classroom, have a happy childhood like other children.

This year, yushu after the earthquake in xinjiang, "mountain" again to lend a helping hand, in the disaster areas in the south of the qinghai lake, the hainan area of shagou, again to build a hope primary school, let the injured children no longer alone, helpless, let them feel the social big family warmth.



Will be held at the same time, this year, the mountain, "the warmth of major action", called on all parts of the country offices, dealers, agents maintained through local civil affairs bureau for the record 100 poor families, are expected to be put into ten thousand dollars, every household "mountain" in cb will provide heating, floor heating, a complete set of equipment.

"Mountain" to the actual action, let all the people feel the "mountain" true piety!

Strength, comprehensive build wall hanging furnace industry's top brands in China



"Mountain" as a line of the furnace gas heating hot water industry in China famous brand, new rinpoche together in cb series, is hanging furnace energy saving, the king of using grundfos pumps, compared with Europe type products, in the same job environment, energy saving up to a third.At the same time, the trinity of cb and central air conditioning integrated machine, solve the refrigerating in summer, winter heating, heating water, all the year round integrate heat recovery and solar energy, technology in the global industry, is ahead and in the world leading level forever!



"Mountain" at the same time gives unprecedented commitment to consumers, "let the customer zero risk investment, the unconditional return" within two years.To ensure absolute safety in the process of product use, the mountain in cb has 48 kinds of safety protection devices, and each kind of safety device has a detailed anatomical drawings, one hundred percent to provide security for the customer."After-sales service is the enterprise innovation can drink database; after-sales service is not fall in love, but after the wedding hall perseverance cultivation; high-quality after-sales service is a big brand of enduring the backyard security", this is the service concept of "mountain"."Mountain" of the project are straight in after-sales service points, flange of gas heating and hot water management, property management in the event of after-sales service report, "the mountain" can deal with the problem in the first place, to ensure that the problems in the day.



In 2010-2010, the mountain investment plan in phases to complete 500 4 s store of construction project, to ensure that the small and medium-sized enterprises board listed, improve the network information platform, to solve ERP terminal services management, with practical and feasible measures and all users establish reaches canal, let the user see gratified, buy the rest assured, with the comfort, worry-free heart commitment, let popular feeling as a "mountain" user's honor and happiness!

"Mountain" in a more long-term view, with a heart of godliness.Under the environment of low carbon environmental protection, energy conservation and emissions reduction, "mountain" is not going in pursuit of profit, and not the interests of the eyes a little bit, "mountain" to pursue broader market and the dominant brand position, pursuit is the good word of mouth of people all over the world!



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