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The mountain, 2009 new after-sales personnel technical training documentary sinboy zhang, zhang zhon

Date: 2015-12-17
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31 July 18, 2009, the company organized a new service and sales staff technical training activities.In order to let new employees a deeper understanding of the company, with the skill of product knowledge, build a mountain, the high quality service team, everyone is active in the training activities.Training will be divided into five stages, the first is to understand the enterprise culture;The second is the business knowledge, professional skills training;Again is workshop practice stage;And then the lab test and demonstration phase;The final phase of training evaluation, and through the personal comprehensive quality, field test results, business practice level of comparison, top students, company to issue the qualification certificate.The training activities for the company's senior leadership attaches great importance to, the chairman Yuan Minghua welcome speech at the meeting at training, Korea national technical director lu phase live close time teaching, cui letter has been follow up marketing vice President at the different stages of the training.

Figure 1: the training of personnel with the company's employees


Figure 2: business knowledge training



Figure 3: the workshop site operation







Picture 4: laboratory tests




Photo 5: the final examination, eligible issue the qualification certificate




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