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News, calmly hand control
News, calmly hand control

-- an interview with artificial environment equipment co., LTD., chairman of hangzhou big yuan Yuan

Date: 2015-12-17
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S reporter Dong Yan

Report from our correspondent rely on independent research and development and for the single-minded pursuit of innovation, with high quality products and perfect after-sales service, to create more than 5 years of hangzhou big yuan only artificial environment equipment co., LTD., has been in the national wall-mounted gas furnace, such as central air conditioning manufacturing counterparts in created more than the first.Has in hebei, Inner Mongolia, shaanxi, gansu and other places set up offices in 12 of wall-mounted gas furnace, a central air conditioner products such as the trinity comprehensive into the domestic market.



The team is winning formula

As a high-tech enterprises, "yuan" the biggest characteristic is its comprehensive system of independent research and development, "the China gas in cb, the only have this 2 at the same time, the central air conditioning manufacturing of product independent research and development of industrial technology company" is the honor of the best evidence.

Independent research and development is one of the high-tech enterprises "internal forces", lack the inherent creativity, enterprise and the product of life outlook is bleak.However, to achieve "internal" overnight, not heavy in behind it, must be the accumulation of years of intelligence and energy.At the beginning of the company was founded, and the introduction of talents as the primary task of development.Now, in the "big yuan" brand team, a large number of domestic and foreign strengthy engineer hvac refrigeration industry agglomeration, experts from South Korea and Japan have in yuhang home, the company has turned out many excellent mechanic industry again at the same time, the research and development team of expanded gradually led to the innovation of product design, it is an important factor for enterprise to survive."Chairman of the board of directors of the company, said Yuan Minghua.



Energy conservation and emissions reduction "waves"

When the "energy conservation and emission reduction" has become a national consensus, "yuan" already "treader first".In "the great yuan" the mountain series products, the "energy saving", "environmental protection" is the key word.

"All gas heating furnace in hot water at home and abroad, the mountain, always in front," energy saving and emission reduction, Yuan Minghua use Numbers to prove this, "if synchronization for heating and hot water, hot water boiler stop working after reach the set temperature, so 24 hours run at full capacity in fact no more than 7 hours, all day while running at full capacity per hour gas consumption is only 0.9 cube, this is more than using common air conditioning heating and water heater heating water operation cost savings of more than 60%."

Company in technology are already in the world leading level in the middle of the trinity, machine is a set of refrigeration, heating and living hot water "" three functions in one of the emerging air conditioning products, it will be two relatively independent product original air conditioning and boiler organically unifies in together, to realize the integration of the electrical control and mechanical structure integration.Boiler heating, heating not only effect is good, and as a result of natural gas, not only save money, more greatly save the energy consumption, protect the environment.



The service in the front

From the perspective of economics, each type of product has a its early, growth and maturity.For Yuan Minghua, "yuan" "the mountain" series are in the process, "the process is a hard process of accumulation, while no obvious' big ', but its growth is certain."In the "saving power, to do quality" in the process of the Yuan Minghua "service" in the most front end.

In each time the "mountain" of national sales meeting, the company has always been commitment: all products "mountain", sold in two years, can the unconditional return.24 hours terminal complaints, all of the user and the product archive management, send someone the first time for the user to after-sales service, such as repair failure to get the recognition of consumers.

Source: the urban and rural herald the 2008-8-11

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