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Xinjiang economic newspaper: Yuan Minghua use "magazine" sell in cb

Date: 2015-12-17
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(reporter Chen Xuan) Yuan Minghua is big yuan artificial environment equipment co., LTD., chairman of hangzhou, he with a product that is designed for climate condition in xinjiang to xinjiang market.On June 30, however, was the first thing he saw reporters: "I am a scholar."

Throughout the interview, he has been talking about him on one side of the literati, he said, he wrote a novel, he once had Tibet by experience, he also with the well-known contemporary Chinese writer the Netherlands is a friend, his product is using the "mountain" is the brand name, is because of the novels of the Netherlands guen's attraction, he even talk with reporters mountain sacred lake in Tibet.He then turn temper: "the somebody else all say I am a scholar, not suitable for business, but I must use the literati way of doing business, and success."

Specifically says, his way of literati in business, is to use "magazine" sell his products - wall hanging furnace and central air conditioning.

Hangzhou big yuan artificial environment equipment co., LTD., has an area of more than 50000 square meters of factory, and as the global first mountain "at the success of the trinity machine and the mountain wall-mounted gas furnace in the boiler in the paragraph is a world leading level, and won the 2004 China top ten innovative brand.But the pen name "yuan" Yuan Minghua, its focus is not here.He had two "magazine" : "super parents" and "small XiKe writer", though the names is a special issue on top members of the club, but both in content and form and the outside public issue of the magazine have a spell, make very elegant.Yuan Minghua often not only well-known writers such as zhang kangkang, jingles Yang Gongying, DJ for "magazine", please write something.He often used the pseudonym of big yuan writing an article on the "magazine".

I just want to use 'magazine to sell me in cb."How do you sell? Is the terminal sales try to establish a perfect customer records, then do not regularly send the" magazine "to each other, and invite customers from time to time" magazine "as the platform to interact with factory, to adjust the performance of the products. Such as this time he bring the products of xinjiang, is according to the feedback information, on the aspects such as weather, temperature, water quality of xinjiang characteristics of xinjiang monopoly model are designed.

Yuan Minghua clearly about their use "magazine" sell product marketing method is very confident, he finally told us with smiles on their faces, he is very look forward to the market in xinjiang.

Source: the xinjiang economic daily, 2007-7-3


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