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The urban and rural herald: mountain, strive to become the first brand of wall-mounted gas furnace i

Date: 2015-12-17
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"When it comes to take lampblack chance, many people will think of 'boss'; speaking of ceramic tile, many people will think of" Nobel "; speaking of wall-mounted gas boiler, I hope to have a lot of people will think of "mountain,"; our goal is to "mountain," a wall-mounted gas furnace is the first brand in China."Yesterday, in the face of an interview with our reporter, artificial environment equipment co., LTD. Hangzhou big yuan boss Yuan Minghua said.

The central trinity machine and give priority to dozen of products of wall-mounted gas furnace yuhang local enterprises, set up more than three years time, in yuhang people's minds is not impressive.So, this time when it announced plans to make their products the industry's "santana," can't help letting person - an enterprise seems obscure, how can such a "heroism"?

"Mountain" guess: with what "thrive"

"Our" mountain, "the trinity, machine is already the world's leading level."Yuan Minghua pointed to a table in our view and humble, slightly larger than ordinary vertical air-conditioning products said, "don't look at it, it is a 'cooling, heating and domestic hot water' three functions in one of the new type of air conditioning products."

According to introducing, the biggest advantage of this product, to air conditioning and boiler two relatively independent product original organically unifies in together, to realize the integration of the electrical control and mechanical structure integration.Because of the addition of the boiler system, the traditional household central air conditioning in winter heating effect is not ideal, effectively solve the problems.When the outside temperature is less than 3 , the trinity machine automatically shut off the heat pump system (at a temperature below that at which the heat pump system can effect comparing is very low), switch to boiler heating mode."Boiler heating, heating effect is not only good, and there is no gas, because it is not only save money, also greatly save the energy consumption."Yuan Minghua said, "the north in many areas with central heating in winter, not only consumes energy, pollution to the environment is very large."

In shape, the central trinity, machine using both separation and integral solution on the small model adopts the split type, it solves the multi-storey apartment user installation problem, make the host can plugin;To villa high-grade residence, such as large aircraft is adopted, a horse eight whole machine, unit gross weight 200 kg, suitable area of 260 square meters.

Because have such advantages, so the product in the north for trial for two years, by the market, at present, xinjiang, qinghai, shandong, Beijing, tianjin, Inner Mongolia, gansu, hebei, henan, shaanxi and other provinces (cities, districts) of more than 200 cities, have "mountain" to the user.

"Mountain" phenomenon: sell products with culture

"Mountain" in the marketing of products, also has a "buy one get one free".Just, it's "buy one, get one" is different with others, "mountain" of all users, starting this year, a month will receive a copy of the west lake · GengDou magazine, this is the only one to promote China parents, students, teachers, "three line interaction", the family education as a way of the introduction of public offering.And managing editor of this magazine, it is "the mountain" redstone Yuan Minghua.

"The west lake · GengDou since last November, the market reaction is very good."Yuan Minghua said confidently, "when people see, trinity 'big yuan company doing machine at the same time, also can make such a good magazine, and free the user 12 times a year, is a natural for" mountain, "sit up and take notice."

As Yuan Minghua writers association, vice chairman of hangzhou, founded in big yuan before artificial environment equipment co., LTD., was founded in hangzhou yuhang and even the very famous "GengDou margin" cultural enterprises.The affection for literature very devout and entrepreneur, have their own a set of way of business, is to "sell products with culture".

It is understood that Yuan Minghua the brand of the company's products would be a "mountain", originates from the Netherlands his friend famous writer an article named "the temptation of the mountain," the novel;"Located in the roof of the world of the roof of Tibet ali plateau mountain, mountain, is the most sacred place in my heart."Yuan Minghua said, "' the mountain's name is very beautiful, many people are buying goods, always choose the brand name good to listen."

Recently, called "song of the mountain," the brand image of propaganda songs is completed, the singer of this song, is a Tibetan singer.

"Mountain" spirit: people first, brand first

At the end of last year, artificial environment equipment co., LTD. Hangzhou big yuan was identified as high-tech enterprises in zhejiang province by the science of zhejiang province.The company is currently in cb China gas, central air-conditioning manufacturing only have this two products at the same time in independent research and development technology of industrial manufacturers.

Two years ago, China's first brand of the conference in the great hall of the people, "the mountain" won the award for the Chinese enterprise top ten innovative brand;"The mountain" series of products, has been rated as key project construction in zhejiang province famous quality products.In September last year, the national high-tech quality supervision and promote the working committee on "the mountain" series of products quality supervision and testing, judge it by the national quality trustworthy product.

Recently, in the "mountain" national sales meeting, Yuan Minghua commitment: adhering to the "people first, brand first" corporate purposes, all the "mountain" products, sold in two years, can the unconditional return.Really let users zero risk investment, let people see good, buy the rest assured that with the comfortable, no worries.Domestic numerous sellers were "accident", because before this, haven't a wall-mounted gas furnace at home and abroad enterprises dare to do such a commitment."This shows that the mountain, the quality of their products is very confident."A seller from hebei said.

"Wall-mounted gas stove in China, the people's eyes or new products, its market and emerging markets, but the market advance speed, sustainable development of the space is large, we have the initiative, and occupied the commanding heights."Yuan Minghua said, "' the mountain, can a wall-mounted gas furnace is the first brand in China."

Source: the urban and rural herald the 2007-4-2

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