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The chairman visit changsha room rendezvous news interview program

Date: 2015-12-17
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[host] audience friends everybody is good, this is a nice house in changsha city public channel dictionaries and changsha real estate information network joint has given you the talk shows during the fair.Today's guest is hangzhou big Yuan Minghua chairman yuan electronics co., LTD.

[Yuan Minghua] everyone!

[host] yuan total: hello, I want to ask you to come to changsha this room rendezvous is based on a what purpose?

[Yuan Minghua] only one purpose, to market the products of the mountain, and the mountain in changsha, time is very short, but in the development of changsha soon.

[host] what is now a speed?

[Yuan Minghua] speed is faster, the big area in China, in addition to fujian, guangdong, the northern region winter warm are all covered, hunan, chongqing, guizhou does not pay attention to keep warm in winter before, now began to pay attention to warm.

[host] I see changsha room is fair, he has offered to do wall-mounted gas furnace is China's first brand slogan.

[Yuan Minghua] this is we are now more loud slogans, is our goal.There I first about the origin of the mountain, the brand name, a lot of people thought it was foreign brands, brand is the foreigner, in fact is wrong, this is a Chinese brand, I don't like to say national brand, the name is derived from Tibet mountain mount, come back, I am Tibet preference of the land.Netherlands has written a novel guen's attraction, my preference of the land, the mountain, the mountain is the commanding heights of world religions, environmental protection and we need to complete the mission of her there is a match, so for our product's name.Second to create the first brand of the cb China gas, first with this foundation, the first, 03 national send files about rebuilding city heating, phasing out state of central heating in winter in China, the central heating is to coal burning, so a lot of wasted energy, great environmental pollution, with files, countries greater measures the west-east gas, gas source to cover local implementation of household metering, the only product is wall-mounted gas stove, we are in a position in the market is a world leading level, we are the most complete varieties, the quality is supreme.For example, we hanging furnace energy saving is the most energy saving all wall-mounted gas furnace at home and abroad, specific data, inspection, certification of experts, there are a lot of time, have a big gap between the us and Europe.Our start-up from 3 years to the present, 03 get key products in zhejiang province.4 years in Beijing to attend China brand products, China's top ten innovative brand.5 years we won the national customer satisfaction, 06 years won CHC national high-tech quality testing team issued by the national quality trustworthy product highlight unit, we are now declare China famous brand product, estimates this year on September 1, will win title of China famous brand product.Last year, zhejiang high-tech products.We will build a national high and new technology product.

After [host] means that our brand has a very big team.

[Yuan Minghua], first of all, our r&d team is very strong, and after-sales service team, all over the country have after-sales service centers, the team is very big, in the after-sales service at home and abroad all the same type manufacturer without words, let the user zero risk investment.Can the unconditional return within two years.

Don't like [host] design also can change?

[Yuan Minghua] customers generally do not have what problem won't come back.It also depends on the quality of our products.

[host] as far as I know, you still have air conditioning products is also more high-end products.

[Yuan Minghua] this product is technically not air conditioning, is the world's unique, europeans made no, americans don't do it, is our unique innovative products, is actually the household central air conditioning water heating unit with wall-mounted gas furnace in one integrated products.Both cooling and heating, heating water.Global cannot overcome problems we overcome, there are two big problem in the household air conditioning.Thermal efficiency is very low in winter, minus 8 degrees, region, such as Inner Mongolia, Russia.There is a problem, the north cold area of household central air conditioning heating are not enough, still need to use wall hanging furnace heating.We have a product to solve the ordinary refrigeration in summer, winter heating, heating water 24 hours a day.

[host] such a good product to solve the family needs three products, also means that with three kinds of electrical appliances in exchange for the price of this product?

[Yuan Minghua] in principle is as follows.We actually documentary a price can solve refrigeration, heating, hot water compared with central air conditioning, our price is ordinary mass route, our proposed is an ordinary masses, with central air conditioning.For example, Japan daikin in China is people's favorite, but we are much stronger function, more excellent quality.

[host] buy a central air conditioning, but also to go in cb, refrigerator, right?


[Yuan Minghua] to.

[host] have you ever participated in changsha room rendezvous?

[Yuan Minghua] attended twice, feels very good momentum, scale.Common people to room rendezvous participation is good.This is an idea, I think this is a good platform, than I show on May 18, China heating first, than to take part in the fair, may participate in changsha room rendezvous and the effect will be more direct.Second, changsha openning water is more beautiful, and may be a bit gap, changsha economic compared with zhejiang but the culture, the economy is doing very strong, like "super girls" and so on.

[host] I want to ask, you itself is enterprises in hangzhou, you must also take part in a lot of room rendezvous.You feel changsha room rendezvous and hangzhou room rendezvous and what's the difference?

[Yuan Minghua] we on the other side of the room rendezvous level is relatively high, I always feel citizen participation is not high, the atmosphere here is thicker than our there, may be related to organizational form.Here today is not polite.I love this place.

Total [host] thank you yuan.

Source: "the changsha real estate information network" 2007-6-13

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