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News, calmly hand control

How to choose and buy in cb

Date: 2013-11-29
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A rain a cold now, in the early winter season, no overall heating dear friends?Cb how to choose and buy?Cb radiator, floor heating, how to combination more security environmental protection?Don't worry, the mountain, to teach you how to choose in cb.Solve all kinds of heating confused!

1. What kind of family is suitable for installation in cb, how to combine more energy efficient?


Hanging furnace mainly used gas, of the family can be installed.Everyone said: "1 + 1 > 2" combination is the optimal choice of cb can and radiator connections, can also be a laparoscope, usually connected to a ground and warm.If there are old people and children at home, it is recommended to use wall hanging furnace + floor heating, not only can be used in cb living hot water, also can enjoy the floor heating radiation heat;If the home is an office worker, it is recommended to use in cb + radiator, energy saving heat faster.




2. Cb safe?How to choose safe to use in cb?



Wall-mounted gas furnace is the collection of water, electricity, gas is one of the independent heating means, such as choosing quality unqualified products, not only affect the warmth of family, also have very serious security hidden danger, so the safety should be put in first place.Select normal manufacturer, on the other hand, choose excellent safety performance, reliable control and running stability of the product, at the same time with insurance company accept insurance.




3. How to make the wall hanging furnace heating is more energy saving?How to choose to save money?


Choose low consumption, high thermal efficiency in cb, can effectively reduce the cost of heating.Also the size of the family, because the floor height, orientation, heat preservation of exterior walls and Windows and living hot water requirements of different, choose wall hanging furnace effect is different, in order not to appear "small mara carts" or "cart horse" does not match the phenomenon.Reasonable professional preparation, can effectively reduce the heating cost, also can ensure the service life of the furnace.




4. After-sales service is important?


Series of professional after-sales service is the basis of ensuring timely heating, buy must choose in local and with specialized service center is equipped with a spare machine brands, in order to avoid the maintenance time is too long, the family suffered from the cold.



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