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News, calmly hand control
News, calmly hand control

The room temperature controller three advantages

Date: 2015-12-16
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All the panel wall hanging furnace adjustment, can regulate the temperature of the water, the water temperature of 30 to 80 .Its relationship with the room temperature is extremely difficult to calculate.Temperature controller (thermostat) is to solve the problem of spare parts, how many degrees of room temperature adjustable it will do.Go out, for example, when the twist to prevent frostbite, twisted back when it happens to 20 , wall hanging furnace will be according to your request to keep the temperature of the indoor empty at 5 to 10 , when someone is 20 .

In the independent heating system, the user according to life need and adjust the room temperature controller set point, room temperature controller and then according to the actual temperature and set temperature difference, start-stop control cainuanlu licensing.Therefore, the room thermostat is essential to independent heating system and control components.The mountain, gas heating furnace with hot water thermostat

Room temperature controller of three characteristics:

1) save money: the accurate temperature control, plus a set period of time at room temperature, automatic control run cainuanlu, day and night without burning gas heating, significantly save gas.

2) comfort: every morning in each period, day and night, the night room temperature automatic adjustment, from the morning and after I come home from work waiting for room heating and freezing embarrassed;

3) convenient: automatic control cainuanlu run every day, from manual operation, the most used for working families need;Automatically start hanging furnace room temperature is too low, only need little gas can realize antifreeze protection.

An advantage of using the temperature controller is:

1. The operation more simple, clear and direct regulating temperature;

2. More vogue and grade;

3. Save cost, sufficient to recover the cost of a heating season.


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