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News, calmly hand control
News, calmly hand control

April 20-25, bottom management school at the first phase of short-term training, and the successf

Date: 2015-12-16
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      Mountain management school was founded in March 2014, is the artificial environment equipment co., LTD. Hangzhou big yuan depth for construction of the mountain, the creation of brand culture and vocational training institutions, marketing and after-sales service chain hanging furnace construction is one of its main function, also is the theme of this short course.Course by the President of a cb XiXiaoJing, senior expert Xu Cunliang and after-sales service manager Huang Weixiang lecture, around the new development of dealers and after-sale service staff to attend training.From theory to practice, from sales to maintenance, comprehensive training service commissioner, professional quality and professional skills.This short course highlights the importance and necessity of cb maintenance, at present the serious defects of gas quality and water quality in China, will be in cb annual maintenance cleaning cleaning jobs referred to the unprecedented height, in particular, and imposed strict quantitative standard, called on all the mountain, must keep in mind the mountain, the purpose, "the mountain road, with a pious heart to do things", looking forward to the mountain of religious services can do for the specification development of Chinese wall hanging furnace industry leading the way.





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