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News, calmly hand control

Yuan Minghua talk about China's cb market after-sales service warm cubic Lambasting the so-called no

Date: 2015-12-16
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        On April 16th, the friendship hotel in tianjin, the mountain, to participate in the activities of China demonstrates journey 30th station of tianjin station.

Okada's chairman Yuan Minghua speak a seat having a unique style, he from a tiny hole, up to a wall hanging furnace as the main body of the big industry of floor heating is ubiquitous service, straight cut deep human mercenaries after-sales maintenance money serious absence caused by the negative effect, with strong positive energy has attracted attention to the participants.

        Since first cb be born in tianjin, cb has 20 years history in China, market development is rapid in recent years, is expected to have 5 years, China's cb market will become the world's boss, is terrible, whether in cb, or floor heating and radiator, big industry of floor heating has been in chaos, compared with the European and American countries, feel special chaos as soon as I get to China, more terrible is that China's air more impurities, China's natural gas impurities, China more than tap water impurities, fan is easy dirty, nozzle, burner, the carbon flue is easy, the water carelessly scale, such as not timely and quantitative maintenance, so, hardening of the arteries, bowel infarction cerebral infarction problems not growth is odd, even in such a big background said what no service is the best service is humbug!Yuan Minghua calls for maintenance needs the support of morality and conscience, energy should be conserved, the mental imbalance to call positive energy, no good maintenance, Chinese wall hanging furnace deflagration, explosion, and even loss money hurt life will often happen!As one of the top ten brand wall hanging furnace in China, he's willing to do model, it is more important, is to all brand enterprise work together, struggle together!

        Internet landing was also 20 years in China, by contrast, with the help of the Internet, mobile Internet, Internet of things, some warm front positive energy media such as cube, start China floor heating journey, is very meaningful, BBS, method, technology, energy, accumulate the aura, in order to promote the healthy development of the industry of floor heating, floor heating tour to tianjin is already standing 30, for other favorable, thirtysomething, warm cubic stand, the mountain, and stand, take cb as the main body of the big industry of floor heating is more stand.


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