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News, calmly hand control
News, calmly hand control

The 2013-12-12 wall hanging furnace installation standard

Date: 2015-12-16
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A, installation personnel:

Must be installed by a qualified company for installation, installation workers must pass professional skills training, installation must comply with state standards.

Second, the installation location of choice:

To exhaust way to 1, this machine is forced to exhaust type, must be installed indoors, at the same time pay attention to the pipe exports must lead to, outdoor wall external port distance should be not less than 200 mm.

2, the machine is generally installed in a gas, fluctuation, power supply and exhaust more convenient place.For example: the balcony, kitchen and so on.

3, the top of the installation position can not have fuel, electrical equipment, gas pipeline, or open wire.

4, please do not install Yi Ran and explosive or corrosive goods in store room.

5, both sides of the installation position and should remain above the 280-500 - mm space, convenient to maintenance.

6, the installation position should be close to the wall, as far as possible in order to reduce the length of the pipe.

7, install the machine wall if solid wall, the requirement is to bear the need to bear the weight of cb.

8, the installation of the machine highly advisable for the convenience of the user operation control panel (generally at about 1.3 m).

9, even though the user to specify the location of the installation should comply with the above requirements.

Three, the body and pipe installation:

1, according to the relative position of machine mounting holes and flue, determine the location of the pipe wear a wall, in the position of a diameter of 900 mm hole.

2, according to the actual type pipe position, determine machine fixed bolt position, in the top of the distance between the two is 230 mm, small is 200 mm, 12 mm diameter hole (phi 14 bit);And with good expansion bolt, machine hang up after the nut lock, after installation of the machine should keep the body vertical, shall not be tilted.

3, will smoke tube inserted in advance in the hole wall, pipe elbow fixed on the machine, again good will dock with the elbow straight pipe, then the screw well.

4, horizontal pipe installation to tilt have 3-5 degrees outside, in order to prevent the backflow of condensed water and rainwater.

5 maximum length of pipe shall not be longer than 2.5 meters (elbow), if add an elbow, on the basis of the maximum length should be reduced by 1 m.

6, smoke tube in the wall hole clearance, not with cement filling, for later maintenance.

7, pipe installation is firm, the junction to connect well, can't leak phenomenon, smoke tube outlet should be smooth, no jam phenomenon.

Four.Installation, heating and sanitary systems:

1, heating and sanitary hot water in and out of the gate valve must be installed, with convenient debugging and maintenance.

2, heating pipelines low drain valve should be installed.

3, circulation system, pipe diameter shall not be less than the G3/4 ", so as not to increase the circulation resistance.

4, each radiator and floor heating should be adopted in parallel and to install the valve, both is advantageous to the system cycle, and for energy saving.

5, the heating system should try to avoid the N type gantry structure, lest produce gas, such as to avoid automatic exhaust valve should be installed at the highest point.

Must be thoroughly clean pipe internally before 6, debugging.

Five, the gas pipeline installation:

1, gas pipe diameter is too thin, the general should be G3/4 ".

2, the length of the hose shall not be more than 2 m.

3, after installation of gas pipeline, must check whether leakage, if there is a flat frustrated at not oil or other things to fix, but to replacement parts until no leakage.


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