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Why can't hanging furnace installed in the 2013-11-27 s in the cupboard

Date: 2015-12-16
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Why can't hanging furnace installed in the cupboard

How to install wall-mounted gas furnace, general installation in what?Many people know that the cb, but for its installation and put the position is not very understanding

Cb, whether can be installed in the cupboard?The following Chinese wall hanging LuWang small make up a simple analysis and introduction for you.


We should consider not only the indoor before hanging furnace installation is beautiful, but also give full consideration to its location is convenient later maintenance and repair, so the wall

Hanging furnace is installed in the cupboard is obviously not appropriate, general ambry is custom-made, size is about the same size as cb, though beautiful, but in cb

Once appear, fault and in the later use process problems begin when maintenance is very troublesome, need to open big discharge, ambry is out of the way many, tong

Often we suggest that the wall hanging furnace installation, must follow the near the source as far as possible places (trachea of no more than 6 meters), kitchen, of course, is the most appropriate place

(but not in the cabinet).We don't rule out the possibility of installation on the balcony (closed balcony), of course, in the balcony installation take into account that during the winter

When the boiler when not in use for boiler heat preservation, otherwise easy to freezing boiler.Exceptions should pay attention to in cb do not install in flammable and explosive, rot

Strong corrosion resistance and volatile items.The top of the wall hanging furnace installation position can not have with the electrical wiring, electrical equipment, gas pipeline and electrical equipment

Horizontal distance should be greater than 400 mm, and should keep 280 mm above the space on both ends of the machine, in order to maintenance.The installation of cb, while less complex,

But when installation, installation personnel must master and follow related rules, to ensure correct hanging furnace installation, does not affect the normal use.


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