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Southerners enjoy winter heating is an easy thing in the 2013-9-9 s

Date: 2015-12-16
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So people when the choice must pay attention to, should according to the housing area size, whether you need heating water and gas at the same time, to choose appropriate wall hanging furnace.Per square metre commonly need the heating power of about 100 w - 150 w, and according to the house type, structure, construction materials vary.

3, choose service: now some famous brand in the life of a cb is 15 years or so, remove two year warranty and at least 13 years of maintenance.In 13 years long days, if you don't have good service for you to protect, it is really a hard time.This choice can't listen to vendors, but must go to check, have a look at the company size, 2 see warehouse accessories, three maintenance site, four users reflect.As long as grasp select three requirements above, we will be able to choose the preferred products.



Nearly a month of 40 degrees Celsius finally draws to a close, August will be the past in an instant, and then there are the long-expected autumn.Though winter is still a little far away, but we still save for a rainy day, for jiangnan the damp cold early winter.

Many girls want to marry to go to the north, because the north has central heating.Indeed, the north winter indoor warm temperatures - 20 degrees Celsius northeast jervois much more pleasant than 2 degrees Celsius temperature.

Jiangnan generation has a lot of families is a hot air conditioning for the winter.In fact, there are a lot of air conditioning heating ills: too power-hungry, does not comply with the low carbon life standard;Is too dry, make skin aging;Unhealthy, air conditioning is formed by cold and hot air strong convection, the nasal cavity, oral mucosa stimulation is very big, breeding of bacteria in the air conditioning will creep in, people are prone to "air-condition disease".Heating of the air conditioning make people sick, but a lot of people in the winter air conditioning is also out of helpless, really fights only from the Siberian cold.

In addition to air conditioning, household gas heating system, it is a good way to in the south for the winter, let the husband is the people to change ideas, learn to heating.Gas heating furnace is different from the principle of air conditioning hot water, it is a natural gas as the energy, the host is hot water through the pipe heat to each room on the floor or heat sink, in heating and living hot water supply, energy saving and convenient, warm and comfortable.This is the dream for many people in his house: there is hot water, heating and hot floor.

Southerners can also pass the heat in the home, it sounds more fresh, in fact this technology has very mature and safe.If you want to have a warm home, the home is the gas heating system of the professional leading brands - in a flat in the professional development and production of wall-mounted gas furnace, its mountain brand would have cb is outstanding in the industry.


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