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News, calmly hand control

The selection and construction of cb 2013-9-2

Date: 2015-12-16
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There are many kinds of current heating means, have air conditioning, electric heaters, wall hanging furnace selection of a variety of ways, such as when considering family heating must be according to the local climate condition, the condition of energy to choose suits own heating means.Such as: heating cycle short, can consider to use air conditioning and electric heater for heating, heating cycle long, can consider to wall hanging furnace heating means.Current trends, from the global heating wall hanging furnace heating is the most popular, this comfortable with the advantage of energy saving is inseparable.From the comfortable sense, wall hanging furnace heating for radiation cooling way, uniform temperature, temperature are constant, healthy and comfortable, warm and pleasant.Loose hot spots around every corner, and can realize the partition temperature control, the user can set room temperature and the start-stop time of freedom.Shut down after the cb, the room is still a long time to keep within a certain warmth.Heating and domestic hot water is available 24 hours a day, the water temperature is constant, the amount of water is enough.

Heating is a systematic project, involving the problem is not only the product itself, also includes the scheme design is reasonable, the early stage of the scheme design is reasonable, will avoid regret in the future, should choose the heating of the whole process of the formal installation company is very necessary.From the heating system, regret will appear mainly in design, material selection, construction, etc.Shop floor heating, for example, in the original design of floor heating, some families in choosing the way of "floor heating and radiator", which could reduce some of the costs, but the overall feeling may not comfortable, especially from the room into the floor heating room use radiator, will feel very cold.Cb in terms of material selection, the core of the product must use big brand in cb products, the author suggested that should be adopted in the domestic first level in cb products, such as the mountain wall hanging furnace, this not only guaranteed product quality, installation and after-sales service is also very good, the company 400-8812-999-24 hours opening for you.In the construction aspect, more attention should be paid to the, or in the floor heating, for example, some families after the installation, always feel warm hot very slow, this is mainly because some informal company after the coil is installed in the ground, casting of concrete layer too thick.In general concrete casting, should begin from the thermal insulation layer of floor heating up 4 cm, offered no protection coil is too thin, too thick will be significantly prolonged the concrete heat storage time.

Heating market immature decided we should pay more attention to when decorate heating system configuration, the heating need us to master the knowledge too complicated, in order to avoid problems, the most important still is to choose an overall solution ability, can provide one-stop service of formal company, this will avoid problems appeared in the process of design, construction, after-sales service.

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