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Concentric build The Chinese dream the revitalization of national brand in 2013-8-13

Date: 2015-12-16
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Recently, China's first lady peng liyuan travelling with xi jinping, President for the first time, the image of temperament, behavior raised high praise, let people more eyes bright, her clothes all domestic brands, show off a wave of long silent air.At the same time, peng liyuan confidently in the new image of Chinese design and manufacture of clothing brand, is domestic confidence help round xi proposed "Chinese dream" vividly illustrated and fascinating silhouette.

China dream, after all is the dream of prosperous, is the opportunity that gives prize people to enjoy life together, share the dream come true, enjoy together with the country and grow up with The Times and progress.The Chinese dream can't be built on sand, need a strong material base.Industry hing goodsky, and stronger the real economy, expand domestic brands, is the national prosperity, the people enjoy the biggest bonus necessary support.It is necessary for China to produce many excellent independent brands, with a large number of internationally competitive global companies.Specific to the clothing industry, over the years, as the "contract" of world famous brand clothing, we don't lack the "made in China", is not short of "create in China", is lack of sufficient knowledge and confidence of domestic brands.This is a long time, when it comes to clothing bags, people will be called foreign goods, but it slightly to the identity of the man, wearing will choose foreign brands.

Hanging furnace industry also appear similar situation.Cb in recent years, with the prevalence of "import" in China, consumers tend to foreign brands when buying products, because of the propensity to consume, make preconceived "foreign" brand in the minds of consumers left a symbol of quality and brand, heart yearned for the western lifestyle and culture.In order to cater to the market demand, to gain consumers' preferences, the domestic many cb brand also began to walk the path of cultural marketing.Give a "foreign" name brand, in fact, become a real Chinese, and there is not much meaning.Then appeared a variety of "foreign" surname of homebred wall hanging furnace, they blur our vision like snow.

Why many companies to independent brand "national brand, European quality", "originated in Europe and the United States advanced technology" label?Just for one reason: to national brands lack of confidence.Each enterprise should correctly recognize the the growth of the national brand has a hard and tortuous process, the survival of the future national brands not only depends on the competition of market environment, more depends on our attitudes towards it.

Hanging furnace industry in China is still very young, is under a state of foundation, really need at this time the ramming foundation, especially very vigorous domestic cb, should know his own self, not proud, also not self-pity, set up the correct brand values, maintain enterprise the essence of the spirit;Be good at innovation, out of the way with innovation, innovation is used to implement the new dream;Steadfast to do business, to win in the international competition advantage, one step at a time to dream.



Outshine others not spring, flowers of spring.To realize China's dream, it is necessary to have had a hand in the field of different international brands.A new high-level promoted the Chinese government, to independent brand full of self-confidence, cb local brands should seize this rare opportunity, stepped on the gas, improve the image of Chinese products in the international market is bad and status.We believe that over time, the Chinese independent brand will bring a surprise to the world, China's dream will come true.


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