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How to solve the overheating of the cb summer living hot water in the 2013-8-9 s

Date: 2015-12-16
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A considerable part of the wall hanging furnace users (and any brand) are likely to encounter such a situation: the winter heating and bathing wall-mounted gas furnace used in good condition, why in the summer but living hot water control is not good, a lot more than set temperature frequently?Encountered such a situation, users often say in cb, actually not.So what is the main reason?

Problems are mainly on the gas pressure:

1, wall-mounted gas furnace rated power, it is to point to in the input power of the national standard 2000 mpa gas pressure., wall hanging furnace burning gas is designed in strict accordance with the national standard production products.In other words, as long as the strict control of gas furnace top pressure 2000 mpa (gb), the cb could reach rated power, heating bath temperature control is no problem, wall hanging furnace life can also meet the design life.

2, however, the question now is: we use the gas pressure is unstable (we temporarily put aside the stability of the gas composition and calorific value aside).Winter low gas pressure, gas pressure is high in summer.Take every day, the gas pressure is not stable, we use gas peak low gas pressure, gas slack period of gas pressure is high.Even the summer peak period of gas, gas pressure is much higher than the rated pressure, this is because the summer gas is small, the gas pressure is higher.Why summer gas pressure is much higher than winter gas pressure, also it is not hard to understand.

Why will appear this problem?Where is the root cause?And listen to decomposition.

A, gas pipeline design standards in our country in the developed world design standard gap is bigger, A lot of design basic data has failed to keep pace with the development of the actual situation.For example: there are indicators design standard, we have been in use in the former Soviet union -- it's one of the most basic design coefficient using coefficient at the same time, we used is 14%, what does that mean?Namely, at a certain moment in accordance with the 100 households of 14 units in the use of gas pipelines at the same time.This coefficient at the beginning of the liberation of the natural gas is not popular, less users, gas stoves less species under the condition of small number of (using) is no problem.Because, first, the user only to use a gas cookers, family condition good installation of gas water heater, water heater may not use every day, even every day use time limited), so the number of water heater is limited.Therefore, the design standard is to be able to satisfy usage.

But, with the development of economy, the popularity of pipeline gas, the fuel gas user populations, family besides use gas stoves, a lot of installation of the gas water heater, wall-mounted gas furnace since more than ten years ago has entered innumberable families, great changes have taken place.It is well known that are used every day in winter in cb, therefore, in accordance with the original at the same time using the coefficient of 14% to design the pipe diameter is small, small diameter flow must be not enough.In order to meet the requirements of flow rate, gas companies can adopt the main line and branch pipe gas pressure and gas pressure after the middle floor adjustable dividers to improve the flow of traffic demand in order to achieve.This way the actual usage is: the peak before the furnace (former) oven gas pressure is low, slack period high gas pressure, gas pressure fluctuation range is very large, the fuel gas (gas stove, water heater, wall hanging furnace), from the effects of functional stability influence is big, not only influence the stability of the use, will shorten the service life.

B, gas pipeline laying cost factors: foreign gas pipeline with large diameter and low flow velocity supply way, not only safe, more importantly, gas supply pressure is stable.But, big diameter must be investment cost is higher, this is what investors don't want to.In many parts of the gas company in China by the private investment under the condition of construction operation would be much easier to understand.

C, our country city gas pipeline network planning and a lack of long-term, comprehensive, integrated, scientific planning, advance basic belong to dry while design form a complete set of routines, so the gas supply pipe diameter matching unreasonable, gas flow bottleneck problem is easy to understand.

The above three, is the actual situation of gas pipelines in our country.This condition is caused by the gas pressure is not stable, the winter before the furnace pressure in most cases lower than the standard gb 2000 mpa, and the summer before the furnace pressure is higher than the national standard many, even reached more than 3500 mpa. 

So, gas pressure affects the use of cb what?


1, high gas pressure on the influence of heating and bathing:

Cb could cause gas pressure too high, can't be used normal ignition;Gas pressure is high, resulting in actual gas heating power input increases, shorten the wall hanging furnace service life, running noise increases.

Gas pressure is high, resulting in unit time into the wall hanging furnace gas actual quantity increases, power increases, bath hot water temperature control failure (many) actual temperature more than set temperature, temperature more than set temperature is higher, to the user use to cause trouble.



3, low gas pressure on the influence of heating and bathing:

Gas pressure is low, the two effects: first, the wall hanging furnace doesn't work.Second, design of cb cause amounted to less than the rated power, heating time when extended, accelerate fan, water pump, heat exchanger, burner components, such as aging, even can not reach ideal heating effect.For hot water bath life, low gas pressure, may cause hot water temperature is less than setting temperature, affect the use.

Someone says: since you manufacturers know the above situation, why can't solve?We can only say, for pipeline gas supply pressure, we are powerless, that is beyond the wall hanging furnace jurisdiction.What's more, if the gas pressure sustained, stable and higher than the values, we can by increasing peripheral auxiliary equipment can be solved, but, for a year the four seasons of gas pressure fluctuations, even during the day, gas pressures have been volatile, sometimes high, sometimes low, who can have a good solution?

Cb someone said, you will not be able to adjust?Cb itself the adjustment scope of gas pressure fluctuations and ability is limited, above or below gb more cases, any manufacturer, any brand of cb is powerless.

Then, using cb in the summer, overheating, control failure life, hot and cold, and so on and so forth how to solve?

1, by adjusting the ignition of master control board numerical to solve, also is lower ignition, this need professional personnel to adjust.However, this method has a problem, that is: to the winter gas pressure is low, even lower than the values, if you don't return to normal ignition numerical, may not be able to normal ignition or short of the ideal heating effect, because the power is lower than the nominal design power.

Of course, also can adjust the secondary stress of the proportional valve to adjust, but the adjusting range is limited, can't fundamentally solve the problem of pipeline gas overpressure, moreover, the summer has carried on the adjustment, also need to adjust back to winter, not only trouble, and the absence of professional testing equipment at the scene only operate by experience, and also not necessarily can really solve the problem, because in the summer, most parts of pipeline gas pressure overpressure value is too big.

2, the simplest way: as the saying goes, the most simple is the most scientific, make the users themselves can master is the best solution.This method is: will half wall hanging furnace gas valve closed.If there are problems, in bath work state, adjust life hot water set temperature around 35 degrees, your basic living hot water in the 40-45 degrees, are within the acceptable range.(cb wash bath water temperature constant premise condition is: first, the fuel gas pressure constant pressure in front of the national standard regulations furnace under the premise of 2000 mpa, can't be too volatile; second, the tap water pressure flow constant.)

3, replacing large flow shower heads.If the above two methods can't solve, then you can check your line:

A, small water flow?If a smaller, check the tap water inlet valve, inlet filter, living hot water valve strainer, leaching nozzle have dirt jam?Dirty jams or shower?If ruled out the above factors, it is likely to be fouling in heat exchanger is blocked and need to find a professional repair or replace the heat exchanger.The water quality is hard, if the local wall hanging furnace tap water inlet by water processor, can yet be regarded as a good way to scale.

B, if the water flow is normal, compared with the winter water flow is the same, that you could try to replace large flow shower.Cb water-saving shower should not be used for the gas, it should pay attention to.Normal living hot water in winter because the winter low gas pressure, water based low water temperature.But in the summer living hot water is not normal because of high gas pressure, water temperature is high, therefore, under the condition of the same water pressure flow may not normal.

Some famous brands in cb agent today to consulting me this question, I provide a solution, felt it necessary to write out for your reference.The agency also said the another kind of circumstance: the same building, fifth floor living hot water high temperature, but the 15 floor living hot water is normal, and is the same brand, same type of cb.I told him: for high-rise building, fifth floor tap water low pressure, low water flow, and high temperature;15 floor of tap water, however, is through the secondary pressure, high water pressure, flow, naturally won't exist this kind of phenomenon.If the fifth floor of the user, you in front of the wall hanging furnace tap water inlet pipe with a booster pump on the road, estimates that can solve the problem.

Any question, is the result of a variety of factors, to comprehensive dialectical points

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