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Not blindly copy the north south heating mode in the 2013-05-07 s

Date: 2013-12-11
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      Since last year's "two sessions", "large proposal" submitted a proposal to the CPPCC national committee zhang xm is proposed to north concentrated public heating extends to the south.A stone up, heating the gonadal become a new hot topic in the field of hvac in the past two years.From set out actually, with the improvement of the southern economic level, the improvement of people's life comfort requirements, especially in 2008, the south snow more intensified the south, the rigid demand for heating.
       Recently, by the Chinese academy of engineering of civil, water conservancy and architectural engineering department, tsinghua university, building energy conservation research center to undertake the ninth session of "building energy efficiency, tsinghua university academic week" held in tsinghua university.The theme of energy saving week "residential heating and air conditioning" in the Yangtze river basin, the paper mainly discusses the exchange and the Yangtze river valley residential heating and air conditioning applicable technology and development direction in the future.
      The south had formed the inherent decentralized heating characteristics
      Heating area in accordance with the relevant provisions of the general is tired of monthly mean temperature is less than or equal to 5 ℃ weather for more than 90 days of north China, northeast, northwest, north and south heating is the dividing line between qinling LongHaiXian, north central heating standard of room temperature is 16 ℃ - 18 ℃.
      The Chinese academy of engineering, school of architecture, tsinghua university professor ycas said in an interview with science and technology daily, in our country's building codes, there is a heating line, this is "qinling -- huaihe river".In the north of the line, building heating facilities, must synchronize with the building design, synchronous construction, synchronous acceptance.The south is not the rigid requirements.But the qinling - huai heating line, is not to say that just north of the line heating, south of line heating.In fact, it is the product of planned economy in 1955, is a distribution line on heating allowance.Line without subsidies, south of north of different places according to the temperature subdivided into several grades.In contrast, the coldest in northeast China, most subsidies.Which is the original designated "- the huaihe river in qinling" why the heating line.
      Because "- the huaihe river in qinling" line of heating in winter, the Yangtze river basin region town, in addition to the individual has a thermal power plant, smelting waste heat can be used to the community, most of the residential district construction of heating facilities.However, the large and medium-sized cities most homes equipped with dispersed heating facilities.They sea situation, come up with all kinds of heating methods, one of the most main is air conditioning heat pump heating and electric heating.In addition, there are few households using wall-mounted gas furnace heating, etc.
     Actual use frequency heating equipment in the Yangtze river valley
     The Yangtze river town residential heating in an average annual electricity consumption per unit area of about 5-6 KWH/M2;And south-central France region with similar climate, the annual heating power consumption up to 20-60 KWH/M2.
     Tongji university professor zhang xu in the report of the indoor environment in the Yangtze river basin research and hot demand analysis, pointed out that through the tsinghua university, Shanghai jianke institute, chongqing university and other institutions in the Yangtze river basin of the research results show that the provinces in the Yangtze river basin electricity peak load in winter and summer has been basically unchanged, that winter heating energy consumption is in the air conditioning energy consumption cannot be ignored, so, should give full consideration to winter and summer seasons.
      Through the heating energy consumption survey, in Shanghai in 2007-2011 of 39 homes heating power consumption, maximum 8.9 kWh/M2, minimum 1 kWh/M2, average 2.9 kWh/M2.In the winter of 2009 to 785 households survey shows that more than 90% of residents using air source heat pump heating, using wall-mounted gas furnace users, 1% more residents by electric heating radiator, electric heater, electric blanket as auxiliary heating device.Residents based on the investigation of residents' behavior in the Shanghai area, even in the winter is also very love to open a window ventilated, 9.4 hours, average daily ventilation time 69% residents choose to increase the clothes, rather than open heating equipment, heating equipment of actual use frequency is not high.
      Zhang believes that the current residential heating energy consumption in the Yangtze river area still remain at very low levels, part time and space heating mode, the winter is not comfortable indoor environment, in the Shanghai area has a larger winter heating demand.

  Copy the north A lack of long-term energy saving ideas
    The currently widespread in the south of decentralized heating method has been generally recognized by the participants.Ycas said, according to his team's study, 2020 years ago, China building energy consumption increment the largest part of the heating is the south.The northern region of decades of central heating has been hard to match with the current China's energy and environmental demand. Not only the south cannot be carried out in accordance with the this kind of mode heating, the north also needs further improvement."
     Ycas said, the Yangtze river basin is more suitable for using decentralized heating means, our country residents' lifestyle and demand characteristics different from the western developed countries, a distributed system is to meet residents live air conditioning, heating and living hot water demand of energy saving technology, etc.To improve the living environment of the changjiang river valley, to save energy use, decentralized air conditioning and heating system in the Yangtze river basin should be encouraged to the application of the housing.
     "As everyone knows, the south mainly mountainous, hilly terrain and topography is complex, fragmented urban residents live, if take the central heating, heating equipment such as pipeline construction cost is higher, it is difficult to realize large-scale heating, even if is to realize the scale heating, the construction of the high cost of capitation to each user is also a significant economic cost."Ycas said, at the same time, rural housing construction insulation sex difference, geological conditions and building construction is not suitable for heat preservation, together with the south winter cold, damp climate is pervasive, it is difficult to realize centralized heat supply, a relatively economic and maneuverability is strong or decentralized heating of the air conditioning.
      Associate professor at tsinghua university's Max in his "suitable for Yangtze river residential heating air conditioning mode" stated the report in Shanghai, for example, the Yangtze river basin, the demand for residential heating air conditioning throughout the year with heating, moisture, and air conditioning, and other requirements, needs to develop new equipment to effectively DiaoKongShi internal heat wet environment.In adjusting the demand side, indoor thermal environment are all year winter the most pressing heating operation, to meet the demand for residential heating, improve the indoor thermal comfort.The rainy season to be solved effectively dehumidification, and to minimize the impact on the indoor temperature of problem, she pointed out that the new mode, the system equipment are needed to meet the annual heating air conditioning needs.
      Max said, the priority is to improve the indoor environmental conditions;Winter appropriate solutions have indoor recommend radiation end end way.In refrigeration and heating equipment, can use air source heat pump (winter and summer sharing), and wall-mounted gas furnace (for making low temperature hot water in winter) + air source heat pump (summer).
     "Our country energy shortage very much, for the huaihe river in qinling boundary is conforms to our country national condition. But now there are some officials and engineering technical personnel is very blindly giving warm north went to the south central heating application, make the southern household heating imaging pot cannot adjust the central heating, and thinks himself to be a good way. In fact, I think this kind of practice is wrong, the lack of long-term energy saving ideas" ycas said.



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