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News, calmly hand control

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Date: 2013-12-11
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Cb noise big solution


1, improve the accuracy of the fan assembly

Choose low noise transmission device, the use of a suitable shape and the lower impeller impeller rotational speed can reduce the noise when running, especially the large capacity gas in cb, installation without cushion runtime mechanical noise and fan assembly accuracy is not high, due to the imbalance of the impact of noise during operation with high strength friction noise from the air inlet, outlet, pipe, valve, chassis and transmission machinery parts, such as radiation, high-pitched shrieks.

2, change the shape of nozzle to reduce noise

Gas out of the high speed jet nozzle, and the stillness of the air around a strong noise disturbance and momentum exchange, quality and form.Jet distance test, reasonable design, prevent the jet interference makes the character of the jet initial period of the change, can effectively reduce combustion noise.Porous nozzle design should be adopted, reduce the pressure and nozzle exit velocity, gas can not only reduce the jet noise, but also can reduce combustion noise.


3, reasonable nozzle design processing

Nozzle flow of gas to the relative static diffusion of gas, the sudden change flow direction and flow cross section beam, can cause a lot of noise.Nozzle has a burr or not round orifice is rough, flows through the nozzle contraction occurs deviation of noise.The higher the gas pressure, the bigger the deviation of noise.So, the design of nozzle's diameter than the average take 1 2, nozzle contraction Angle take 60 degrees as appropriate, when guarantee machining precision and smooth finish, will greatly reduce the noise.


4, the reasonable design with the trachea

Exported from gas proportional control valve to the gas path before the nozzle should be garden Angle transition, ensure air unobstructed, will not cause the balance components inside the gas proportion control valve vibration, airflow disturbance and noise.In addition, the gas damping hole of proportional control valve cover is used to adjust the volume of air, in addition to ensure valve step-down and voltage stabilizing effect, also have the effect of reduce and control the spread of the noise, so in use process can't jam.


5, ejector assembly design is reasonable

Ejector device is working, if mixing tube rough or have burrs, airflow through the noise.In addition, when the nozzle assembly, the exit throat should have a certain distance to the ejector device and the center line of the center line of the nozzle and mixing tube should be consistent, otherwise will lead to offset or crossing Angle is too big, so bad for an air suction also can produce noise. 


6, the correct use of gas proportional control valve

If test showed that will start the heat load reduced to about 50% of the full load, ignition deflagration will no longer appear.For this purpose, the use of the large volume of gas proportional control valve in cb, requires precise ignition current and flow rate, minimum heat load current and flow, the maximum heat load current and flow, etc.Cb because when you work at night because the environment is quiet, gas proportional control valve in action will produce a certain noise, suggest to install indoor temperature controller to realize the temperature control, so in addition to saving energy also can avoid frequent movement of solenoid valve to reduce noise.


7, the rational allocation of controller parameters

Correct choose igniter installation, to be sure in cb during starting ignition, fan in operation, the combustion chamber with air flow, the flow in the process of ignition need bigger ignition energy.So, the option firearms output energy need to pay attention;In addition, the position of the ignition needle to install the appropriate, to ensure great energy ignition, fire performance is good.So, immediately after the valve open to gas lighting, prevent fire around the hole accumulate large amounts of gas and air mixture, such as the gas fire, because the gas volume expansion will cause a kind of oscillation, noise.

Cb comprehensive, noise is usually due to the system design is unreasonable, cb appear noise problem, and the general quality of cb is after many times of test operation, installation every parts and components are qualified professional detection, are generally not installed hardware problems.In addition, consumers in the use of cb at the same time, some of the air inlet and piping to clean maintenance, prevent excessive dust and foreign bodies into the case, such as guarantee of wall-mounted gas furnace a good running effect



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