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News, calmly hand control

On January 15, 2010, the mountain, to attend the "annual meeting of the seventh floor heating board

Date: 2015-12-17
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In hebei province on January 15, 2010, "the seventh floor heating board industry conference" and "the floor heating materials and related products meeting was held in the provincial capital shijiazhuang.Construction department of science and technology in hebei province is long-range real, material equipment ChangSunDongZhi everywhere in hebei province, hebei province construction department of villages and towns in wang zhiqiang, hebei construction machinery association, xiao-feng feng, director of the hebei province committee of floor heating Cui Wenzhe attended the meeting and the speech.

This conference, hangzhou big yuan artificial environment equipment co., LTD. One of as co-organiser of the annual meeting, the chairman Mr Yuan Minghua and sales director ms cui letter all attended the meeting and made a brilliant speech, won the warm applauses from all the participants.

Mountain, its gas hot water heating furnace two major series of products ", pema qi "and" harmony "beside, qi qi appearance in the venue, with exquisite appearance, first-class quality, reasonable price, cause the interest of the participants.In understanding the company's service concept and after-sale commitments, but also for their business card information, leave your contact way, in order to further business to discuss cooperation.

At the beginning of the Chinese New Year of 2010, vientiane update.The meeting was a complete success, indicates in the New Year, artificial environment equipment co., LTD. Hangzhou big yuan will actively to depth steadily expanding, climbed a and a "mountain" of the peak.










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