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Mountain, were invited to attend "the fifth China (Beijing) international floor heating industry dev

Date: 2015-12-17
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        In December 2009, the mountain, as a line of the wall hanging furnace industry in China, a strong brand, with okada rinpoche's series double king of energy-saving products, 2009 m harmony fault series of new products, and the industry's most advanced condensing furnace products (the measured thermal efficiency is as high as 107.8%), attended by the committee by the ground heating, the heating floor monthly magazine specific to undertake "the fifth China (Beijing) international floor heating industry development peak BBS".
        The BBS compact and rich content, including the following parts: multiple meeting ground heating committee first six times at an executive meeting, "China construction signs up for" 2009 China annual inventory and in 2010 the Chinese industry of floor heating floor heating industry development outlook session, ground heating board annual meeting and the peak BBS BBS opening ceremony, floor heating points (heat source, the floor of floor heating, electricity floor heating, floor heating, diversity of water control, thin floor heating construction, foam cement), the first China international cb industry peak BBS, 2009 annual meeting of China household gas heating branch, the fifth China international industry of floor heating peak BBS closing ceremony (technical paper, diary contest awards), etc.
      The peak BBS is experience in the industry of floor heating is held under the background of financial crisis baptism, probes into the warm people how to stand at a new historical starting point, to cope with new challenges.In the optimization, improve their own development and at the same time, we help the whole industry of floor heating for breakthroughs in the new historical stage.Related department heads, well-known industry experts and representatives of enterprises have made a wonderful project, this paper expounds the "low-carbon economy" under the development trend of industry of floor heating is an opportunity to explore a new round of technological innovation.
      At the same time, it is also an industry resources, an industry hot debate.In the hall, the passion, the delegates from industry has actively expressed their views, common planning industry development.At the summit in cb with floor heating products exhibition hall.All are in the mountain front stop to watch the booth of the products, to launch new products to us gave high evaluation.They said all stood with his thumb, I didn't know that he's able to cb product appearance design so luxurious and beautiful, unique.If the installation in the home, it is also a kind of very good adornment, such a beautiful product certainly is unique in the same products.
       In addition, by the mountain, the staff carefully detailed product introduction, a lot of consumers and dealers to cb product have a deep understanding, on the mountain, products produced the strong interest.In a small range of "the first China international conference on wall hanging furnace industry peak BBS" and the "2009 annual meeting of China household gas heating branch", dong yuan elaborated on the basic ideas of the industry, as well as the mountain unique product design, product and enterprise business philosophy.Speech won China household gas heating branch leadership of praise and recognition.
The peak BBS for future heating and pointed out the direction of the wall hanging furnace industry, industry in cb are looking forward to develop the arrival of the peak.By attending the summit of the mountain people are feeling the wall hanging furnace industry development has a long way, at the same time also let more people understand the mountain, the mountain, also will continue to depth to cb intervention to improve the development of various industry exhibition and BBS, seeking more industry and public recognition, get more the voice of the industry, contribute to the development of the industry.Through its own brand promotion, at the same time improve the quality of the products, the benefit of all people.
       Hanging furnace industry is a sunrise industry, wall-mounted boiler for household heating products, will lead the heating industry in the future.He's always grasps "the people foremost Quality first "business strategy, and always with a heart of godliness in doing things, the benefit of the people all over the world, won praise in the industry.Through continuous technological innovation, the mountain people believe that through mutual efforts, to industry gain a foothold in the vast hanging furnace, out of the wall hanging furnace industry to create a first-class brand.


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