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On December 26, 2009 The new five-year plan Brand building a punch

Date: 2015-12-17
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The new five-year plan for the brand construction actions

The mountain, annual supplier conference


On December 26, 2009-27, artificial environment equipment co., LTD. Hangzhou big yuan in hangzhou playing the first snow this year 2010 annual supplier conference, from Shanghai he sen, new Shanghai, grundfos Shanghai company, chengdu shuangliu cinda, guangzhou, shenzhen jing ding, taishan branch letter, ningbo in The Three Kingdoms, chunhui intelligence control, xiaoshan Haitian, wuxi ling bridge and so on more than 40 suppliers representatives attended the meeting.

PangZhiYong of cinda lueck, jing ding, the new Shanghai customs into silver, shuangliu Huang Yongjun, jian-feng zhang, chunhui Zhu Haolin made a passionate speech at the meeting.At the meeting agreed that cb market competition ultimately depends on the competition and brand building, product itself and the product itself is an important part of the competition, is the competition of the supply chain, so we agreed to big yuan company's decision, the supplier meeting will change become supply chain conference in the future.By comparison, Shanghai he sen, taishan branch letter, wuxi ling bridge, grundfos Shanghai, danfoss, qin bao, packaging and other six units be rated 2009 excellent suppliers.

Gone through 7 years' experience with a hard and tortuous journey, the turbulence 7 years of ups and downs of labor, the mountain, cb has become the industry a strong brand.Chairman of the board of directors of the company Yuan Minghua made for two hours at the meeting entitled "the history, current situation, cooperation, win-win" the theme of the speech.Also announced on January 1, 2010 the new five-year plan execution.Adhere to "improve the living environment, lead the living quality" as the enterprise mission, around the "people foremost, quality first" corporate purposes, we will unswervingly continue to implement the "allow users to zero risk investment within two years the unconditional return", unswervingly to "energy conservation and emission reduction" as the main target, make the advantage of the king of the "energy saving".In straight in after-sales service points at the same time, adhere to the engineering market within five years, will complete the end of 500, in the domestic construction of 4 s store, win terminals by means of strong retail market.It is predicted that in 2010 the mountain SiNian sales are expected to exceed 40000 units.At present, the company has been working on the restructuring of a company limited by shares, for small and medium enterprises listed on the gem.

The meeting proceeded from beginning to end in a warm atmosphere.In the swirl of snow brings a strong supply chain construction and peaceful information:

A snow good harvest!


On December 28, 2009

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