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News, calmly hand control

The mountain, the further expand of cb in sanmenxia strong brand

Date: 2015-12-17
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Stint in sanmenxia municipal party committee and municipal government for the 15th sanmenxia Yellow River international tourism festival days, on March 22, 10 o 'clock in the morning, 58 minutes, with "eternal mountain" wonderful melody, the chorus salute, crowds, mountain, sanmenxia store grand opening.This is the mountain, in henan market after open up a new world again, is popular among the people of sanmenxia city.

Sanmenxia city located in western henan province, henan, shanxi and shaanxi provinces at the junction, is one of the birthplace of Chinese civilization, is also the first dam - with the Yellow River sanmenxia water conservancy construction and the rise of a new city.Ancient splendid history and culture and modern civilization progress of science and technology in the violent collision, leading the city's rapid development.

Mountain, sanmenxia, stores will be adhering to the Vatican's mission, adhere to the mountain, the corporate culture values.Stores, head of the sui dynasty strong atmosphere a lot, he said, he who is the only company in the cb so far industry supported by ministry of science and technology included in the national torch plan key national high-tech enterprise, its technical content is a world leading level.Mountain after landing, sanmenxia, store all staff will always adhere to the work with a pious heart, especially in after-sales service, they promised to make the full satisfaction to families, truly let the user see gratified, buy the rest assured that with the comfortable, no worries.

Cb market has entered a growth period, the brand competition will become increasingly fierce.The mountain franchises in sanmenxia, cb herald a strong brand is deep development.The sui dynasty, zhuang said they have reached an agreement with local sunshine real estate companies close relations of cooperation, "the sun where the sales department of building, where the outlet of the mountain and then open".We believe that, under the guidance of the sui dynasty zhuang, mountain, sanmenxia, stores will achieve outstanding performance and make contributions for the benefit of one party and the people.


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