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News, calmly hand control

Not speaking out of turn give up zhang zhong

Date: 2015-12-17
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Tonglu fairy peak -- big yuan group training documentary





I feel almost broken legs dragged back to home, feel distressed, in fact this is not a mess, because I just joined the company organized a training, since training can't relax.We are not going on holiday and not to travel, we go to exercise themselves, challenge themselves.Supper I really want to rest, but my heart still stay at the time of the environment, for a long time did not come back.In the two days of dribs and drabs, passion is still very high.

To prepare this activity I spent nearly half a month of time, from seeking to expand training site, step by step to the list, in the end, every step should be considered.Take place, that is the most important, is also the most worry about a thing, the first thing to consider security issues, followed by the other party can undertake such big events, the last is the price.Finally after you discussed, finally decided to go to tonglu goddess peak we expand training base.

On March 26, 2009, 7 o 'clock in the morning, we are looking forward to the mood, on the way to the tonglu fairy peak, reached the development base, along the way everyone sang at the training base, after the coach, to expand the training modern and modern organization is a kind of new learning methods and training ways, a challenge comes from the limit of training activities, aims to inspire people's morale, inspire the potential of people, cultivate people's confidence, creative play team cooperation ability.Here, each project cannot leave the team's support and encouragement, from the beginning design their team name, slogan, badge, team song, it indicated that the activity of the entire process is dependent on the team's wisdom and strength.A short time of a day and a half, my soul has received the unprecedented strong impact and shock, the impact and shock I will remember a lifetime!

What impressed me most is the high bar and graduation wall two projects.Grab bar project training, high in the sky, I looked at the below eight meters high pillars, thought that I should not have a problem, it must be very easy.When I really try to find that this is not I think so easy, step by step when I crawled on the post of the eight meters high, I started the was fearfully and due to the violent shaking of the body, the leg soft, involuntary think: "what to do, or go down?"Despite the harness, but my heart still were to jump straight, bean big sweat will clothes were soaked, is a word "afraid".The following partner over and over again in Shouting "come on! Come on!"So I summon up courage, the foot to move slowly, finally my feet stand on the takeoff of the disc, but I'm a crouch down the whole body posture, then I said to myself: "you must stand up!"So my hands hold knee slowly, bit by bit to stand up, then the pillars grew more severe, in order not to delay the team too much time, heart a horizontal, throwing caution to the wind, leap, success!Hands clutched rung, at this moment, I was surprised by my determination to overcome ourselves, I was moved from the original difficulty is thrown off mental burden, one...The project to the person's physical requirements is not high, need most is a challenge to the psychological, as long as can overcome fear, the difficulty is solved.This project let me feel the deepest is our he also participated in the dong yuan, why want to say, feel most because we Dong Benshen yuan is a fear of heights, but he in order to be a leading role, overcome the psychological barriers, he is a single, jumped into the company every employee's heart.

In the "wall" graduation project training, a wall of 4 meters high walls, smooth, without any tools, ask all the players over the past, is victory.In this project, I don't want to say I learned the power of solidarity is endless, also don't want to say the collective strength is great, more don't want to say a person's potential is unlimited...This game to me, in addition to moved, or moved.As the first climb up the wall, stick to save on one peer friends moved!To bite a tooth to spearhead the cornerstone, below let each colleagues tread the friend touched his shoulder to survive!For the big guy son escape command, with their own hands lifted that comrades one by one friend touched!Until the wall under the left with a companion, no one gave him as the cornerstone for the upward climb, a teammate with lighter weight hanging down from the wall, the wall of his teammates firmly seized the companion's feet on the wall.When the last one was successfully onto the wall, there was prolonged applause.At that moment, I really want to cry...Thought we fastest 70 people also want to take 20 minutes to go, I didn't think all of us took only seven points, 18 seconds all up.I really admire that last one, that is the role of a captain, a raw hope to others, one of the most selfless person.I really feel if it is the last one must be very lonely, special, and fear, and is sure to lose confidence, and finally give up.I also admire that hang down to rescue the man finally a teammate, this role is very great, originally it is to escape, had to go back to save others, this is a kind of not to pay a return.

In the training, I deeply realized, work don't fear because unknown;Don't give up because of the never tried speaking out of turn.As long as you stick to it, the success will belong to strong person.Every time a concerted effort to unity and cooperation, warm hug to each other after every success, every time to complete the project openly share, let us more and more close to, a more understanding between each other, much a cordial, much a friendship.As yuan dong said, expand this time let's anticipation and passionate devotion, and return full of harvest.


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