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Into the 2009, looking forward to the mountain, the great yuan tomorrow

Date: 2015-12-17
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- in the 2008 annual recognition and national sales conference in 2009


Every mountain, colleague:

To wish you joy at this holy season. The year of the ox luck good's tomorrow, one step at a time, moves towards magnificently!

In the past year, have taken place around us and beyond the world many let us have a boiling passion, let us heart events.We are always doing things that we understand what we are doing, why do this, we are always trying, and believe in his steps forward, every one of us in the mind also know we want to go to, we diligently strive for it.In order to improve our lives, in order to we will successful career, for the sake of our love and love all of our people, and the terminal connected to the mountain, all the people.

2008 hard efforts have get some satisfactory returns.In 2008, our mountain, gas hot water heating furnace products by ministry of science and technology in national torch plan, this is so far only in furnace gas heating hot water industry in China.In zhejiang province in 2008 to all provincial high-tech enterprise by the science to wash dish, the mountain, we again confirmed by with satisfactory grades.We moved into the new factory in 2008, the five new automated assembly line and first-class testing facilities equipped with the experiment, our research and development strength, the scale of production and the production ability, to the emerging industry, China's first so far.In order to run in the forefront of the industry, the end of 2008, our new factory smoothly through the national testing center of the sealed samples and product sampling inspection, factory inspection by the original old "instantaneous gas water heater production license", redemption of a new "gas hot water heating furnace production license".In 2008, our mountain, marketing network has spread all over the region of mainland China need heating in winter, is go abroad, towards the international market.Our market share has walked into the first tier.The mountain brand visibility are increasingly called out.

Enter 2009, the mountain has entered the seventh year.Ups and downs, we are coming.We made mistakes, we had a lot of mistakes, we even wandering hesitation, but the mountain is a responsible man, is a brave man, he's shouldering the mission to improve quality of living environment, lead the living, always uphold the people foremost and the tenet of quality first, the mountain, a shoulder, shouldering the responsibilities of all, to make up for all the faults, finally won the people's warm welcome.Yes, everyone will make mistakes, mercedes-benz BMW can make mistakes, the mountain is no exception.The key is, made a mistake you should to do, what would you do, you have to do.The mountain, the final choice is all on the interests of the people.For this, for six years, regardless of the land and buildings, the mountain in the hot water heating furnace burning gas project itself has more than 20 million yuan.In 2009, will continue to increase investment of 2009 yuan, for the market, production and new product research and development promotion.

The eternal mountain, has sung, melodious, atmosphere and lyrical, carrying the plateau style and potential of the mountain, the mountain bold song will be with us all the way in the future.China's national strength enhanced in China in the international status is rising, the innovation of the Chinese people completely have the ability to make high-tech products, the Chinese do not have any reason to always feel good western brands, before, before that because we are too backward, so think that we are too incompetent, later too despise myself, not to say too spineless.In the near future, the mountain will prove to the world, China's OK!;In fact many fact also proves this point..Only those shameless people, think you don't have the bottom spirit, feel oneself always do is, but others do not always make good products, will be making this up a fox unknown the truth by the name of ordinary people, because he couldn't understand, he derived from Germany or the United States, the name of the spun finally let uncle Sam to go to Germany to clown in the United States, to panhandle cup of scraps.For the Chinese people is too kind, not to pursue his root, more won't go to check his genes.Also is so, open a do a Chinese, to create China's own brand is earnestly the trend of The Times, the necessity of history.Ebb tide, it is real gold will flash.

In the coming days, the mountain will take brand as the center of the circle, to pay special attention to the products and quality, market and marketing, and the internal management of the production.Consolidate, perfect, mature stable product, the most energy conservation and environmental protection new product research and development of the international top;With the most advanced concept, methods and measures in the form of one step a footprint means to do bigger and stronger market;In 2009 launched a comprehensive ERP software management system.In the next two to three years, the mountain, would be to strive for the same products in the industry, market share first, increase the intensity of advertising, enhance brand added value of intangible assets, and then gather the same products in the same industry first brand.

Let's arm in arm, heart to heart, working together, hand in hand, create brilliant tomorrow.


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