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News, calmly hand control
News, calmly hand control
Located in the roof of the world of the roof of the ali plateau, Tibet's main rinpoche qi, and the harmony fault harmonious and perfectly together, had a reputation of the world's first "mountain sacred lake"."Mountain" went to hangzhou big yuan company, and become a big industry in the brand, it is with a legend and true story.       In 1988, the founder of the artificial environment equipment co., LTD. Hangzhou big yuan Yuan Minghua Tibet, met the famous writer in Lhasa, the Netherlands, and read his novel "the temptation of the mountain,", in the mind suffered baptism and cheered, "mountain" is like a beautiful myth permanent heart in the mind.Yuan Minghua after how many years in the process of entrepreneurshi...
Release time: 2013 - 12 - 11
On March 21, 2010, from shandong railway vocational &technical college eight students with the joyful mood to hangzhou, the company sent car to the far away from the railway station of students receiving company, administration department director on behalf of the company extended a warm welcome to all students, hope that the students can use the school learned professional skills, combined with the practical situation, improve their technical level, gradually developed a power for the company.The eight students for professional construction equipment engineering technology and heating ven...
Release time: 2015 - 12 - 17
In hebei province on January 15, 2010, "the seventh floor heating board industry conference" and "the floor heating materials and related products meeting was held in the provincial capital shijiazhuang.Construction department of science and technology in hebei province is long-range real, material equipment ChangSunDongZhi everywhere in hebei province, hebei province construction department of villages and towns in wang zhiqiang, hebei construction machinery association, xiao-feng feng, director of the hebei province committee of floor heating Cui Wenzhe attended the meeting an...
Release time: 2015 - 12 - 17
In December 2009, the mountain, as a line of the wall hanging furnace industry in China, a strong brand, with okada rinpoche's series double king of energy-saving products, 2009 m harmony fault series of new products, and the industry's most advanced condensing furnace products (the measured thermal efficiency is as high as 107.8%), attended by the committee by the ground heating, the heating floor monthly magazine specific to undertake "the fifth China (Beijing) international floor heating industry development peak BBS".        The BBS comp...
Release time: 2015 - 12 - 17
A rain a cold now, in the early winter season, no overall heating dear friends?Cb how to choose and buy?Cb radiator, floor heating, how to combination more security environmental protection?Don't worry, the mountain, to teach you how to choose in cb.Solve all kinds of heating confused!1. What kind of family is suitable for installation in cb, how to combine more energy efficient? Hanging furnace mainly used gas, of the family can be installed.Everyone said: "1 + 1 2" combination is the optimal choice of cb can and radiator connections, can also be a laparoscope, usually con...
Release time: 2013 - 11 - 29
The new five-year plan for the brand construction actionsThe mountain, annual supplier conference On December 26, 2009-27, artificial environment equipment co., LTD. Hangzhou big yuan in hangzhou playing the first snow this year 2010 annual supplier conference, from Shanghai he sen, new Shanghai, grundfos Shanghai company, chengdu shuangliu cinda, guangzhou, shenzhen jing ding, taishan branch letter, ningbo in The Three Kingdoms, chunhui intelligence control, xiaoshan Haitian, wuxi ling bridge and so on more than 40 suppliers representatives attended the meeting.PangZhiYong of cinda lueck...
Release time: 2015 - 12 - 17
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