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"Market leader" : the people foremost Quality reporter Zhi-qiang wu The correspondent Jiang Gongyan

Date: 2015-12-17
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- from the "mountain" brand of temptation

In pieces brand story

Located in the roof of the world of the roof of the ali plateau, Tibet's main rinpoche qi, and the harmony fault harmonious and perfectly together, had a reputation of the world's first "mountain sacred lake"."Mountain" went to hangzhou big yuan company, and become a big industry in the brand, it is with a legend and true story.

In 1988, the founder of the artificial environment equipment co., LTD. Hangzhou big yuan Yuan Minghua Tibet, met the famous writer in Lhasa, the Netherlands, and read his novel "the temptation of the mountain,", in the mind suffered baptism and cheered, "mountain" is like a beautiful myth permanent heart in the mind.

Yuan Minghua after how many years in the process of entrepreneurship, the "mountain" also stuck that advocating complex, he determined to put the company's products also make desirable brand product in consumer memory.

"The mountain is the most holy place, our heart was such a beautiful name, if our product can take such a name, can quickly be cognitive and accept."From now on, "yuan" the company has a "mountain" of reputation, more condensed the air of "mountain".Then, the lure of the "mountain" in yuhang is no longer a "weapon" of nature, and become the "big yuan" brand weapon to conquer the world.

 In pieces brand team

The biggest competition in the market of the 21st century is talent competition, especially in science and technology innovation as the vitality, the motive power of enterprise, left the talent everything will become empty talk.

Hangzhou big yuan artificial environment equipment co., LTD., founded in 2003, is a high-tech enterprises in zhejiang province, is currently the cb China gas, central air-conditioning manufacturing only have these two products at the same time in the independent research and development of a renowned industrial technology manufacturers.Can have such a heavy "internal forces", is not imminent.Behind it there must be a brand team solidarity and cooperation, to show everywhere brand speed ahead.As the "mountain" brand leader, Yuan Minghua from the beginning of the company pays attention to condensed talents, training talents, to make good use of talents.

Now, in the brand team, has a number of foreign engineer hvac refrigeration industry is extremely powerful, at the same time gathered a large number of domestic outstanding professional and technical personnel dedicated to the hvac refrigeration industry.College degree or above technical personnel, have accounted for 48% of the total number of company employees.

Such talent, is the enterprise innovation ability, is the brand of thrust, is the enterprise's productivity, influence...Captures the talents after the "gap", big yuan company brand team vibrant, frequently in the market is made for the lure of the "mountain".



In pieces brand culture

No culture, no meaning, no depth, no height, the enterprise and the product will be short-lived, walk far.

"Don't look at yuan", this is big yuan company corporate culture standard of light to the world.

"Yuan" can walk so steady, so fast, is not accidental, it is not difficult to find that after understanding, this is a very pay attention to the team development idea, this is also a very cultural connotation, it is a social responsibility of corporation.

As Yuan Minghua writers association, vice chairman of hangzhou, founded in big yuan before artificial environment equipment co., LTD., was founded in hangzhou yuhang and even the very famous "GengDou margin" cultural enterprises.When he had deeper brand awareness, more than ten trademarks registered at a draught, several related website domain name registered at the same time.To highlight GengDou edge brand, but also specially please jia pingwa tablets, yu hua, please write the "big yuan in reading".

The affection for literature very devout and entrepreneur, have their own unique way of business, is their money, and do our best to go to "sell products with culture".

Improve the living environment and lead the living quality, the demand for cooling, heating and living hot water all the people to provide the best matching scheme and the best quality products, become their enterprise mission.The people foremost, quality first, became their corporate purposes.To build China "santana" brand of wall-mounted gas furnace, became their clear market positioning.



In order to achieve the strategic goal of sustainable development, the company to consolidate and expand business at the same time, accelerated the pace of modern large-scale enterprise development.In the future, the direction for product, sovereign products: central trinity machine standing in the world leading level,Main products: wall-mounted gas furnace to be China's first brand;Based products: all kinds of household, commercial central air conditioning to perfection;Products: core skills of spare parts in the front line to provide high quality guarantee.



In pieces brand service

Advocated in the mountain, is a kind of brand-new service concept."Let the user see good, buy the rest assured that with the shuxin, worry-free heart", is the mountain, to realize the goal of service.

They successively in Beijing, xian, wuhan, tianjin, xinjiang, Inner Mongolia, anhui, shandong, xining, zhengzhou and other cities set up a branch, paved the sales and service network throughout the country.Around the strong service team and practical soft hard files management and all users to build a canal, let all users experience as he's an honor and joy of users.

In order to make "people foremost, quality first" corporate purposes, to the mountain to thrive in the sun, they quickly clarified brand service, high-end, pragmatic thinking in advance, and resolutely implement the dribs and drabs in enterprise development all along.

They are for the product after-sales service concept: (1) after-sales service is the enterprise innovation can drink database.(2) after-sale service is not to fall in love, but after the wedding hall constancy of cultivation.(3) the high quality post-sale service is a big brand protection in the backyard.

In order to make after-sales service brand grace of real companies a set of execution measures:

1, the legal protection of the terminal complaints and after-sales service for free phone 24 hours standby, all users have any are not satisfied with the complaint.

2, each coding products are establishing identity documents, strict archives management system ensures that all users and hardware and software products are within the archive management, does not allow the existence of a black.

3, the mountain, the user zero risk investment.First, two years warranty, warranty period provided unconditionally free services, the unconditional return.Second, regular follow-up service after warranty, life-long service.Third, family can offer after the second decoration or product upgrading for replacement of new products and services.

4, service centers all over the country are equipped with spare parts library, ensure that all users products in the event of a failure, can repair in the first.

5, every project in project headquarters stationed in more than 300 sets of after-sales service personnel management work.

6, every mountain, users are the mountain, family members, have the opportunity to get the company sponsored by the Vatican's magazine.The magazine to let you know about cb's development and the information of the industry, at the same time regularly "mountain interactive platform", give priority to the mountain, the user's comments and works.

7, every mountain, users, all have the right to attend the mountain, the company is not in a sweepstakes, contests, tourism activities, etc., this is the mountain, the company for the majority of users to provide another kind of premium services, which let users get surprise and harvest.

8, every mountain, users, to provide real product usage annual report or special case processing, or provide real image data, is advantageous to the bottom of brand publicity and promotion, can receive bonuses or gifts.

Source: the market leader is 2008-4-25


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